Lexmark Layoffs 2018: 1,000 Printer Staff Cuts

Lexmark Channel Chief Sammy Kinlaw

Lexmark International is planning 1,000 layoffs — which means the printer company is cutting about one-ninth of its workforce, according to multiple reports.

The printer giant did not disclose specifics — locations, job roles, etc. — about the latest layoffs. We’ve reached out to the firm to see if or how the cuts will impact Lexmark’s channel partner team, which is led by Lenovo veteran Sammy Kinlaw.

Updated Monday, July 23, 5:00 p.m. ET: In a phone interview with ChannelE2E, Kinlaw reinforced Lexmark’s commitment to partners — and some forthcoming moves specifically designed for distributors and the SMB market. We’ll share a recap of the conversation within the next few days.

Printer Industry Shifts

Layoffs, market turbulence and ownership changes have dominated the printer market in recent years. Lexmark hasn’t been immune to the changes. The company restructured in 2015; got acquired by Apex Technology and PAG Asia Capital in 2016; and announced 700 job cuts in 2017.

Lenovo veteran Sammy Kinlaw arrived in early 2018 to help stabilize the business and rally channel partners. We’ll share an update on those efforts in the days ahead.

Lexmark rivals have also hit turbulence. Shareholder activists recently forced a CEO change at Xerox, which recently abandoned a merger with Fujifilm. And Ricoh earlier this year apparently trimmed 1,000 management positions in Europe.

On a more positive note, HP Inc.’s $1.05 billion buyout of Samsung’s printer business has been mostly drama-free.



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    Shmuel Shvili:

    It was expected, dealers are not selling any Lexmark printers anymore.
    Thats because of what happened with Apex policy of Lexmark chips.
    Now they have been screwed twice, as Universal imaging and many others offer this chips.
    Anyways, Canon and Kyocera are better for us, dealers, to sell. and here, Israel, no dealer is even think of
    selling Lexmark anymore, even if he will get the printers for free.
    It seems that Apex destroys any company which bought by, like SCC, and now also Lexmark.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Shmuel: Thanks for your comment. ChannelE2E expects to speak with Lexmark in the next few days for more details about the company’s business strategy — especially as it pertains to the channel. I’ll post another comment when we have additional details to share.

        Shmuel Shvili:

        I hope you understand that I have nothing against Lexmark and I feel sorrow for the workers who are about to lose their jobs.
        The main issue is that its parent company, Apex which is now Ninestar, is a company that tries to enforce cartel in any company market she bought.
        It started when they bought Static control components, in order to shut down the competition for the after market toner and ink chips. As I know, cause I used to work with them before, SCC had the best quality products for toner and ink remanufacturing industry, and since they bought them, Apex started to sell cheap quality products in oredr to destroy the remanufacturing industry.
        Thats cause they prefer to promote their clone toner and ink cartridges.
        They either started to cause a deliberate shortage of chips in order to shut down the industry around the world, while promoting the Chinese market of compatible clone toners.
        This compay is acting like a thug. Ever since they bought Lexmark, they try to promote only OEM toners for its printers.
        So I ask, how comes that a company which is one of the biggest theft of intellectual property is trying to enforce others to use only oem toners for its owned company printers, while keeping violating other companies ip rights.
        Never the less, I hope you know that Ninestar had been marked by USITC as non reliable company for its shipping to the US.

        This company, caused me and many others around the world, a massive dammage when they announced suddenly about two years ago that they are raising the price for Lexmark printers chips in 300 to 400 percent. Thats without any notice, or change in production costs.
        Right after that, they just decided to stop selling any chips for this printers and said they decided to sell only oem toners for this machines.
        As a result, there were no alternative for this chips and I and many others had to find an alternative for managed print service contracts, that had been closed on the base of cost per page, that was calculated on the base of non oem toners.
        I had to take back from my customers, more than one thousand Lexmark printers and throwed them to ewaste trash.
        The time I spent, the frustration and the big cost of all this damage, caused by Ninestar, made me decide not to work anymore with any product related to this company.
        As Israeli market is very small, most of the dealers understand this and stopped selling Lexmark printers.
        As for Static control components, I found cheaper and better alternatives.
        I offer to anyone who likes to do business with a reliable company, to avoid from doing any business with them.

        Shmuel Shvili


    Lexmark just announced they are laying off all of their field techs and outsourcing all of their contracts to 3rd party providers.

    Josh Niles:

    It has been rumored that in the next few weeks CES Customer Engineer Serives will be offering jobs to the laid off Lexmark Techs

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