Broadcom Layoffs: 2,000 CA Technologies U.S. Employees Cut

Broadcom has laid off roughly 300 CA Technologies employees two days after completing an $18.9 billion buyout of the software company, according to Newsday on November 7.

Updated November 8, 10:25 p.m. ET: Broadcom plans to lay off nearly 2,000 of the 4,837 U.S. workers it inherited when it acquired CA Technologies, according to internal documents obtained by Newsday. International layoff figures were not mentioned.

CA Technologies workers in Islandia (Long Island) and Manhattan were notified of layoffs Wednesday by Broadcom, the report said. CA employees interviewed by the paper expressed shock about the job cuts, but the layoffs aren’t all that surprising for those who are familiar with Broadcom’s business.

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan is known as an aggressive cost cutter. CA’s mainframe software business is seen as a long-term cash generator for Broadcom, but the new CA parent hasn’t said much about how it plans to leverage CA’s various products for IT service providers.

CA now operates as a Broadcom subsidiary. CA veterans Greg Lotko and Ashok Reddy earlier this week shifted to Broadcom as SVP & General Manager of the Mainframe Division and SVP & General Manager of the Enterprise Software Division, respectfully.

CA Technologies: MSP Partnerships

CA has close relationships with several hundred midmarket and enterprise service providers. CA has developed so-called whitespace assessments to help those MSPs pinpoint next-generation recurring revenue opportunities with customers. Among the key focus areas: Docker and container monitoringapplication performance monitoring, and SaaS-oriented services.

Still, some of the marketing messages will likely evolve — especially those involving MSPs assisting businesses with DevOps. The reason: Broadcom has already sold off CA’s Veracode’s SaaS platform — which allows DevOps teams to test software for security holes.

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    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Richard: The original figure of 300 involved positions in/around New York Metro. U.S. layoff figure is now confirmed at around 2,000. If/when ChannelE2E gets a confirmed global layoff figure we’ll publish it, along with context about what it means in particular for CA’s service provider software platforms.


    Broadcom will sell CA piece by piece within 6 months.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Matt: We’ll be watching the CA Technologies MSP product line very closely, with a particular eye toward CA Unified Information Management (UIM). We haven’t heard any spin-off rumors in that area, but we’ll be pushing for updates on the UIM front from the company.


    this increases the jobless rate, why no body contacts senate/gov etc to have a look? Are these people deserve to be layoff and happy to be laid off?

    El Bruce:

    Kyle: Welcome to the wonderful world of acquisitions and layoffs
    I was terminated end of last December.
    These guys can form new startups and kill Hok Tan’s market share.
    Trust me, I know it sucks, but grow a pair, and for any Broadcom employee I do recommend a redundancy insurance if possible, it saved my ass.

    Unhappy Customer:

    I’m a CA customer. My company uses the AutoSys application for scheduling. So far, the support for it is now non-existent. What are we supposed to do? Rather than get a technician to assist, we get directed to some HCL Technologies site that only offers email contact. To date I’ve never received a return email. So I reopen my cases with the “new” CA and get poor response.

    What’s my choice? Will this improve, or does my company need to explore finding another scheduling software after nearly 20 years using this one?


    Investment in CA UIM has been stopped. They have kept all their eggs in 1 basket and are going all or nothing for the AIOPS segment. Top management keeps on changing its strategies and is unclear on what to do. DX OI products are really immature


    My suggestion is to start searching for other vendor or go by HCL because CA sold their entire services division to HCL and are only helping core customers and non-core customers are supported via partners only and that is why you are sent to HCL


    Broadcom is on a mission to kill it’s CA mainframe business. Unable to get new software contract despite years of patronage.

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