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5 Tips for Being the Manager You Always Wanted

Last week I asked the question “Do women need to be mean to be good manager?” Thanks to our readers for your feedback. This week, I’ll explore five talent management tips that all executives should keep in mind as we run our business and manage our staff.

They include:

1. Listen: Your employees, especially your sales pros, are the first line into the field. They hear directly from the market and from your clients. Likely, they can tell you what potential red flags you face, and also pinpoint areas of opportunity for your business. When they want to talk — open your door, and your mind and you’ll likely learn something important.

2. Let your employees fail: I know this may sound counter-productive, but we learn best from our mistakes. Of course you shouldn’t allow failure that will greatly impact your business, but it’s healthy to let your team make mistakes and learn from the implications. So, next time your employee comes to you with an idea or solution that you wouldn’t necessarily pursue, keep your thoughts to yourself, and let them go for it. Scary, but healthy…

3. Be a good role model: Just like parents to their children, managers need to set an example for their employees. Come in to work on time, work hard, be positive in person and on social media. Be thoughtful to your team and your clients. Be the person you want to employ, and you’ll soon find your team will follow suit.

4. Reward your employees: I’m not saying your employees deserve a spa day or a pass to play 18 holes each month; but when your team stays late to finish a project or puts in extra effort to win a new customer, they deserve a sincere “Thank you.” Here are a few no cost/low cost options to say thanks: Bring in coffee and muffins for your team after a late night at the office. Treat the team to lunch. Let them leave the office early on a Friday. Remember: When your employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to work hard.

5. Be transparent: Share the corporate goals with your team. It’s really hard to put in the hours when you don’t know what you are working toward. If your company has specific growth goals or client acquisition goals — share those goals. Make each employee a player in the company’s success and keep them updated on how you are tracking toward short and long term goals.

Amy KatzRemember, your employees are essential to your success. That requires effective talent management. Think about how you want to be treated and offer the same respect to your team. They will enjoy work more, and so will you.

Amy Katz is a technology entrepreneur who has launched, built and sold a range of IT media platforms. As president and CEO of After Nines Inc., she oversees business development, sales and finance for the overall company and ChannelE2E. Read all of her blogs here.

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    Awesome tips!

    Amy Katz:

    Thank you Jessica, and thanks for your readership. Have a great day, ABK

    Stacie Rodriguez:

    Great tips Amy! Thanks for sharing your leadership insight.

    Amy Katz:

    Thank you Stacie. Nothing many of us don’t know, I’m sure, but always good to have a refresher.

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