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5 Midmarket HR Software Requirements

What do midmarket businesses want from today’s HR software and cloud talent management platforms? Ashley Regenass, CEO of Synergy Group, a managed IT service provider in South Africa, offered up these five requirements for public discussion. Here are his paraphrased thoughts…

Requirement 1: Modern technology platform

This involves a modular design — to activate or deactivate features as needed — and cross-platform support out to the mobile world.

Requirement 2: Integration

In particular, HR systems need to integrate with accounting and ERP systems — eliminating any potential data silos along the way.

Requirement 3: Tighter control

The platform needs to empower managers with unified HR and financial data, automated workflows and compliance tools that enforce business rules.

Requirement 4: Better compliance and visibility

The platform must provide a global, accurate real-time view of HR budget, workforce costs and performance — while also complying with key regulations.

Requirement 5: Employee engagement

Here, the HR platform must offer service delivery — including self-service options (via the Web or a mobile device).

Simple list. But I wonder how many midmarket businesses have organized their priorities before signing on the dotted line for their latest HR system…


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