Lawsuits Cloud iYogi Remote Tech Support Reputation

Microsoft's Brad Smith

Microsoft’s Brad Smith

iYogi, the remote help desk service provider, is facing backlash from Microsoft Corp. and at least two lawsuits in the United States. One lawsuit alleges that iYogi scams consumers and businesses into buying more IT services than they need. Another lawsuit claims iYogi failed to fulfill a business partnership in Maine. iYogi maintains that the company offers reputable report IT support services that millions of consumers and businesses depend upon.

Original Jan. 11, 2016 Report: Still, some big names are raising questions about the company’s IT support services. The state of Washington sued iYogi in December, saying the help desk provider routinely scams customers into buying software and services they don’t need. As part of the lawsuit announcement, Microsoft’s Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said iYogi is one of the companies that Microsoft receives the most complaints about, according to the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, Argo Marketing of Lewiston, Maine, is suing iYogi in New York. The lawsuit attempts to collect money owed to Argo by the tech support firm, according The Argo-iYogi relationship had been expected to create 300 jobs in Maine — launching iYogi’s first Global Technology Services Center in North America, but the deal allegedly fell apart.

iYogi: We’re Innocent

iYogi, which supports more than 3 million users worldwide, says the state of Washington lawsuit is without merit.


iYogi’s Vishal Dhar

“What made this so shocking was the fact that nobody from the Attorney General’s office ever reached out to us to discuss any concerns they might have about our business or how it operates,” said Vishal Dhar, co-founder and president marketing for iYogi. “Had they done so, they would have learned that the claims they are making are not only baseless, but are also misguided. While our legal teams prepare an appropriate course of action and response to the complaint, our position on this matter is clear – the lawsuit is without any merit.”

ChannelE2E is checking to see if the company has a comment about the Argo Marketing lawsuit.

iYogi: The Global Consumer Help Desk?

iYogi was one of the first companies to pursue global consumer help desk opportunities, extending remote IT support toward the managed services business mode across the USA. The company says it offers a subscription based, on-demand technical support service for end user and small businesseses — covering 550+ technology products along the way.

More than 3 million users, rely on iYogi for the setup, installation, networking, syncing, diagnostics, repair, security, optimization, and usability assistance for the technologies they use every day, iYogi asserts. The service is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, GCC States, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, and India.

iYogi and the Better Business Bureau

In the state of New York — where iYogi operates an office and where Argo filed suite — iYogi has faced 404 consumer complaints in the past three years, including 170 complaints in the past year, according to the Better Business Bureau.

However, iYogi maintains an A rating with the bureau, which suggests that the remote IT support company has effectively addressed inquiries from the bureau and its members.

Microsoft Combats Tech Support Scammers

As part of a broader industry effort, Microsoft has spent more than a year trying to educate consumers and small business owners about alleged IT tech support scams. If someone claiming to be from Microsoft calls your home or office, the company says:

  • Do not purchase any software or services.
  • Ask if there is a fee or subscription associated with the “service.” If there is, hang up.
  • Never give control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm that it is a legitimate representative of a computer support team with whom you are already a customer.
  • Take the caller’s information down and immediately report it to your local authorities.
  • Never provide your credit card or financial information to someone claiming to be from Microsoft tech support.

MSP Challenges and Opportunities

On the one hand, the controversy about alleged tech support scams could give legitimate managed services providers (MSPs) a black eye — making it more difficult to sell and support remote IT services.

But on the other hand, reputable MSPs seem to be growing strongly and pushing into vertical markets. Among the data points to note: Top MSPs within the Continuum partner ecosystem are growing more than 40 percent per year, according to CEO Michael George.

Overall, customers seem to be craving and embracing more remote IT support services. But as lawsuits fly in some markets, MSPs may need to reinforce their market credibility.

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    We are an affiliate of Iyogi and have been since the beginning of this year. As of August Iyogi stopped paying commission on time. We didn’t receive our commission until the end of November. It is now almost Feb. 2016 and Iyogi has not paid us commissions due. I call their company and no one can help me nor find my account information. The DID provided to our company in order to send sales/leads to their call center is no longer active/working. They did not warn us 30 days prior. Which is a breach of contract. Our company is now suffering due to their neglegence.

      Joe Panettieri:

      J: Generally speaking we often remove anonymous comments that are critical of vendors from our website. But in this case we have confirmed similar claims from other partners. Please feel free to email me directly if you have additional updates: [email protected].

        Lona Metzner:

        I have had an account with iyogi for technical support since February 2013. I had a contract for 24/7 technical support through 2020; – but an iyogi rep sold me Word 2016 in May 2015, saying it was mandatory for the effective function of Windows 10, which I was being upgraded to – I never received word 2016 in mail, as I was supposed to – since September, 2015 I have tried repeatedly to get refunded the 198.99 charge – after some heated chat box conversation in Mid May 2016, I finally got my refund of 198.99. But for the past three weeks, when I tried to get technical support and would not agree to purchase another product, the chat box support tech repeatedly clicked off the chat box and would not provide technical support, even though I have a contract through 2020. It has been my experience over the past three years, that the technical support technician tries to compel me to purchase products I don’t need, telling me my computer will not operate efficiently if I don’t purchase it. In the case of word 2016, Microsoft/Windows offers the product for $79.99, but iyogi charged me 198.99, and then refused to refund my money when they did not even deliver the product. I did, however, after some derogatory, heated chat box conversation with technician, gen my refund of 198.99 on May 23, 2016. I would like to participate in a class action suit – if one exists – to get redemption for the remainder of my contract for technical support through 2020. Please reply! Thanks!


          Lona, why dont you take help from DeleteDust instead of iYogi. DeleteDust provide free and fabulous support and provide software at very discounted price.

        Miss Diane Schultz:

        Good Morning Joe….I have tech support with iyogi from India….my latest contract with them is to expire in mid-2017; I will have to check with all the particulars….Is there any recourse to receive my balance? If you need any further info, please let me know. Any help will be appreciated….Diane…


    I traveled to New Delhi, to work as a
    Mentor providing technical support to customers and training their techs. I can first hand testify that the claims against iYogi are true. They “allow” customers to think they are talking to other companies to sell their products and deliberately scare and lie to people to sell their


    I paid for a 3 year contract for their support. I the access code supplied does not work and cannot contact them.
    Have they closed down?

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey John: To the best of my knowledge they have not closed down. Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to discuss further.

      [email protected]

      kristi sendner:

      I have a 4 year contract with iyogi. I ordered the Microsoft info and paid 180.00 fpr it. I never received the product and called time and time again no answer. they did answer once and said they would give me a refund but haven’t received it. im on ssi and disability and that money is important to me. is there anyway I can get my money back plus part of it for my id umber is 611645670. I have spent a lot of money with them and didn’t get the service I wanted. angry Kristi sendner

        Khem Bhatia:

        Hi Kristi, I am a former employee of iYogi, the company is in doldrums and have not paid their employees for last 6-7 months, please claim your money ASAP else the company might shut down any day and your hard earned money wasted.



    I have used iYogi successfully for several years and they have always been most helpful. But similar to John, I paid for a further period in November. Since then I cannot make contact, by phone or email. So now I wish to claim that money from my credit card provider. But they need ‘proof’ of their demise, which I cannot find. Can you help at all please?

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Jeremy: Please contact me directly ([email protected]). I am working with several readers to potentially contact iYogi and sort through this. I am keeping all email contact with sources confidential.


      Joe Panettieri
      Content Czar, ChannelE2E


        I paid for 5 years for iyogi services and once they got their money I have no longer been able to contact them

        MURRAY ROTH:

        i HAVE READ SOME OF THE COMMENTS HERE. i have acontract with them for 5 years costing me $400.00 plus another contract for something else. I found out today 9/2/16 that Iyogi is out of business and I don’t know if I’ll ever get my money back.It’s true that they were very pushy about buying things, but when I had a problem, they fixed it usually within 1 and1/2 hours or less.

        Lorna Grant:

        I too have got a contract until 2019 but from what I can see they ARE NOW out of business – a company called tech Genie is taking they’re calls and taking our money

      Rohit Shukla:

      What kind of proof you need, I am an ex-employee.

    Elaine Matthews:

    My five year contract expires in December of 2019; I received help December 2014, again in April 2015 and in July 2015. I tried to contact iYogi in December 2015 and January and February 2016 but phones ring and say “all circuits busy.” I have tried many times and it appears the business is closed. I paid $149.99 initially for a 2 year contract and then upgraded in April 2015 to a five year contract for an additional $230.00. I also was charged $79.99 at the same time for another service. American Express cannot open an Inquiry after 60 days so I have lost a lot of money sadly. I am 64 and unemployed so any help you can give is appreciated.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Elaine: Feel free to contact me directly, [email protected]. I am working with several sources trying to contact iYogi about these issues.

        laura summerville:

        like you said I have been with iyogi for over five years and I am having the same trouble athey have got lots of money from me scaming money and selling me stuff I don’t need.the penning money I paid in advance they want refund it to me

    Samresh Singh:

    Here’s the iYogi story and why people can’t contact them.
    iYogi suffered financial losses in early part of 2015, leading to it delaying salary pay out to its employees. As a result employee base diminished and absence of resources resulted in iYogi denying/delaying dues and services to its customers, employees and partners. As of Mar’16 iYogi is liable to pay millions and has no clear plan for recuperation.


    THey cannot be reached for customer support by the two 877 numbers


    I too called multiple times with the following results:

    1-800-237-3901; It rang but no answer.
    1-800-101-2292; Recording “….Your call cannot be completed as dialed….”
    1-877-375-6298; It rang once then I got a busy signal.
    1-877-854-6888; It rang once then I got a busy signal.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Readers: While we welcome comments, I respectfully remind folks not to dial numbers posted on our site. We have not independently confirmed their accuracy. That said, we continue to hear complaints that echo Jim’s concerns.

      Edward Perkins:

      So true, don’t even waste your time trying to call them, they stopped answering the phone over a year ago, I tried and tried for months on end, day after day, one time I just let the phone ring, let me rephrase that, I let that annoying loop play on my phone, until it would cut of in 45 minutes, and I would do it again and again, I did that for 2 days straight, and then I would start again, if they even have a phone anymore, trust me, they will not pick up.

    mark w rutter:

    iyogi took me to well over 500$ until I got wise. My ? is I have them 4 my anti-virus until 2017 are they worth keeping or would you suggest that I buy a new one from a more legit co. About a year ago they auto. charge my c.c. 4 1 of their useless services of which I refused. I have not had a problem so far & I am a computer dummy but from all the stuff I read of them on wiki. & here would I be better to a better co.
    Thanks rutt719
    P.S. They do use bullshit tactics 2 trick you into scamming $

    steve fox:

    i have been a customer of Iyogi for about 5 years, when I was A new customer they were great!! Now, pu. Yesterday I called the 3901 number and one ring and right to a busy signal, called a couple times and same thing, I wrote it off to being Sunday. Messed around and finally got the Support Docket to work. Told my Igenie had expired, to renew I was quoted 259 for one year, 299 for three years, said I would check my records ,told computer had to be restarted in safe mode, disconnected. Called back, got someone else, told I was expired, I said, no email telling me to renew, what is up with that/, asked when it expired, told six hours ago, quoted 149 for year, 209 for three years, then came right and said 209 for life, I said that not the same price, I’m a level 2 tech, I have more latitude. Long story short, disconnected again.
    i have noticed a real difference in service the last year, i still have a year left on contract, I’ll go find someone new. Steve


    Hi had them for a year and twice they were great. The last time around November 15″.. I just tried to use them this week 2016 and the same as all above.. I have contacted them on their FB page.. and demanded my money back. Got a message to leave my information with them on the FB site. NO Way


    The only Reason you guys cannot reach them now, because they now have very less workforce left, Only 10% of techs are now working with the company, Because of Delayed salaries Old and Trained Techs had already left the company. Till oct 2015 they were the best and only Tech support to be working in a legit manner, But now they have no techs left thats the reason nobody can get to them in a easy way, until you hold the line for 3 hours may be more, try using live help option in your support dock provided with them, You will be able to get to them this way quickly.

    Lona Metzner:

    I have tried for past three weeks using live help – I get technician, but when I say no to purchasing a new product, they click off the live help chat box – my contract for technical support is good (that’s a joke) through 2020. I would like to get a refund – since they have no intention of providing technical support unless I purchase products I don’t need. I would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit – if one exists.

    Lona Metzner:

    I first took out contract with iyogi in February 2013 – they were expert – but they always insisted I had to purchase products so my computer would work – I had little computer experience – but I eventually came to realize I had purchased products I didn’t need – that I had been lied to – then, in May 2015, I was told I had to purchase word 2016, or my new update to Windows 10 would not work properly – I never received the product in mail, as I was supposed to – I tried to get my refund of 198.99 from September 2015 through May 2016 – I finally got my refund after some derogatory, heated chat box conversation in which tech became angry and clicked chat box off. I have since learned that Microsoft/Windows sells word 2016 for 79.99. Boy was I ripped off !


    Yeah, iYogi made me buy bad computer by saying this is “once-in-lifetime” crap.
    I hope the company shuts down and
    won’t get involved again.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Readers: We continue to read all of your comments, while also tracking multiple lawsuits against iYogi. We expect to post additional coverage on or before June 17, 2016. Stay tuned and thank you for your readership.

    Gaurav Wason:

    IYOGI is not paying to there employees for last 1 year and neither clearing the F&F & allegations by US Attorney General is true.

    Vicky Van Straten:

    We payed $379 for a five year contract in 2015. We are unable to contact them via phone, and have tried many times. We are ready to join a lawsuit to get our money back.

    John Bosco:

    I have had I yogi for about 3years. At first they were ok, but now my computer was loaded with malware from software they sold me which did not work.
    Now they want a $500 lifetime contract to “clean up” my machine and to install ANOTHER ANTi-VIRUS PROGRAM which they say is the highest secure anti -malware program available

    When they called again they said the fee was reduced to $300.
    I deleted all traces of their presence on my machines, and my computers immediately performed more efficiently.

    I use I-orbit Free now, and it eradicated all traces of I Yogi on my computers.

    These guys are crooks.

    I asked for my $149 which I had just paid them last month for their “Genie” software which they admitted was useless.
    Last time I spoke to them, they said no refund and hung up on me.
    I doubt I will get this money back

    Is there any class action suit in NY State I can join?

      Joe Panettieri:


      I’m sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve experienced. I am not aware of any class action lawsuits within or across any U.S. states. However, we have new details/status updates to share on a few of the existing lawsuits. We will publish an update on our homepage sometime the week of July 11. If you miss the specific headline that week, just search the term “iYogi” using the search box on our home page or in our menu system.

      Thanks for your readership.

    Margaret Deighton:

    I am a Canadian with a five year contract with Iyogi. Signed in 2014. plus another program purchased for maleware. Someone claiming to be from iyogi called me and got into my computer and loaded malware on it. I had to have computer fixed and sign a contract. (Best Buy). I now cannot get iyogi and am out almost $500.00 I am a senior on fixed income and this is a big blow. Any help anywhere. Credit card company will not help because of time lapse. Lst money to iyogi was March 2016. Is there any help out there. Thank you very much.

    Cynthia Robinson:

    I have used iYogi for YEARS. I always received the support I paid for until now.
    They always tried to up sell, but having been in sales I was wise to the tactics. I never bought!
    I did buy a 5 yr plan to continue what I have always paid for but now I am unable to reach them I upgraded my system and need to reinstall security…which I paid for until
    Internet Security till September of 2020.
    Obviously that is not going to happen.
    Is there a class action lawsuit suit .. I want to be reimbursed if at all possible.


    I too, am a long time Yogi subscriber. I am under contract until 2020. I weathered the winter of 2015-16 when there was no assistance available, hours on hold etc. It seemed to stabilize. Now Tech Genie is not updating or scanning and their Support Dock is not working. Last week, I was told “an automatic fix would be deployed within 48 hours”. It wasn’t. This week, 3 contact sessions online, terminated by Yogi has left me hanging, fortunately the computer is working. (I’ve had it NOT working by these terminations by them before). This morning, back on the chat with them, and again, they say “automatic fix will be deployed within 48 hours”. Meanwhile virus definitions outdated, no scanning etc. In short, it’s starting up again. Glad I found this site! Thanks readers for your contributions here!


    I have( had) a 5 yr contract with i Yogi. I started out with 1 yr . They did a good job at first and I up graded.As soon as I upgraded I never got an email from them again. Now I find out they are ” no longer in business” I am surprised that as of last week some people think they are still functioning. The number I called had a person answer and I thought it was i Yogi. When he couldn’t find me in his system is when I realized they were not i Yogi! Don’t know who they were. Yikes! Then he offered to fix my computer for another $200. No thanks. Fool me once….


    I have been using iYogi tech support services since 2010. At first they were REALLY GOOD!
    Services and attitudes have degraded since them, especially in the past year.
    The put an unauthorized charge of $899.99 on my credit card to renew services and support
    My bank says they will refund the $$ to me and pursue repayment from iYogi.
    Too bad about this — some of the techs were really sharp!
    And the bad ones were really the pits.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Another update: A defense team that iYogi apparently hired has withdrawn from the Tata case, allegedly because iYogi didn’t cooperate with the defense team.

    randy holtorf:

    should i uninstall mac tune up from iyogi and how to would like to recoup money paid up thru 2018


    iYogi subscriber for years. Have contract that is due to expire in 2020. Also was pressured into purchasing additional software that does not work. Unable to contact iYogi. Was told by another tech service company to try to recoup $$$ from my bank and/or credit card companies. Is there a California lawsuit against iYogi?

    G David Hall:

    Iyogi customer id # 6114962594 have a contract until 06 07 2020 fro $349.99 for 3 computers.
    I have received poor or no service. Also a $99.00 annual fee.

    Mary Davidson:

    I am in Ohio, have been with IYOGI since 2008. Like everyone else I have experienced the techs trying to sell added product, however, I kept written recordes if each contact and ourchase. Which deflated thier sales pitches. My tech genie is non functional leaving me to find protection for my systems.


    Hi Joe; I guess I’m a little confused regarding Iyogi I have a subscription with them as follows:
    1. Annual Live Dock is good till 02/11/2017.
    2. Tech Genie Absolute Security is good till 08/05/2018 (it is a security software).
    3. tech Genie optimizer is good till 01/05/2020(Optimizer)
    4. iYogi Tech support (contract for unlimited support) is good till 01/05/2020.
    When I tried to call them(866-714-4445) somebody called Tech-Club answers and states Iyogi is no longer in business and tries to sell me their service’s. Could you give the straight scoop. I was able to connect (I think)it was iyogi through What do you know about this and how do I register to this site for information.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Jim: Thanks for your note. I apologize but I don’t have specific advice on this. ChannelE2E continues to cover the ongoing lawsuits against iYogi. But we’re not in a position to tell customers if/how to work with iYogi going forward.

    Jon C. Meadow:

    Hi Joe – like many, I’ve been an I Yogi customer for several years and they have attempted to up with newer software and hardware warranty. I didn’t always buy. Present position,many of their programs sold such as Total Defense and Tech Genie are not performing and I Yogi can not be reached via telephone. I have applied for a refund with them and hope to receive it shortly. Are they really out of business and why are calls to.them intercepted from a Tech Club? Please impart what you can. THX.


    (I made a comment in August regarding my contract with iYogi.)

    I just got off the phone with a representative who says he is with iYogi. He has information about my account including my customer ID #. He says the new phone number is 800-765-2408, however he also says they sent it to everyone and I know I did’t receive it. After I made my last payment in Dec 2015, I never got any notification from iYogi. Before that I was getting notices all the time.

    So many scams out there, I have to question this too.

    Linda Spychalski:

    I was a customer of Iyogi for years! I even purchased our computer and printer from them. In the beginning they gave a great service and was satisfied as we are retired. Over the years I can’t believe all the money I spent with them. During the last year I finally contacted them as the service was horrid and I was not getting anyone to help me with my online problems and the wait on the phone was unbelievable,,,I listened to their music at times for an hour before anyone would finally answer my call. I sent them notice that I would be discontinuing my service and they sent me an email stating they would reimburse me $210.00 which I have not received. I knew that they owed me more but I was willing to get at least that much back…I spent over 700.00 in that year to update my service and kept my records. I contacted the customer service number that they had listed on the reimbursement email and got someone from TECH CLUB who stated that he was not with IYOGI and that IYOGI had 3.3 million customers and was being sued by Microsoft.
    They gave no notice they were going out of business, in fact, they are on facebook and I wrote a note and told them that I had heard they were out of business and he refuted the answer stating they were still in business. That was the beginning of the summer. I also had Tech Genie sold to me..I no longer have it and have a new service now but they advised that Tech Genie was not even any good. Any information or advice you can give? I advised the person I spoke with today that I would contact our Attorney General here in our state. That is when he advised me about Iyogi being sued and stated it was in the news, on the internet, and television. Sahil Arora who says he is tech club and no part of Iyogi yet the number I reached him at was the customer service number 877-710-0840 10/25/2016

    Emma Jost:

    I used iYogi since 2006 but in the last 2 years have argued with them as they always wanted to sell me additional software.

    During a weak moment I extended my contract & bought the following for a total of $539.97:

    Account ID: 6112175892
    03/30 03/30 BLS*IYOGI INC866714444 Bluesnap Inc GBR $299.99 3 yr service contract expires June 02, 2019

    Account id:6111548426
    04/01 04/01 BLS*IYOGI INC866714444 Bluesnap Inc GBR $79.99 3 year network security valid until 3/31/2019
    04/01 04/01 BLS*IYOGI INC866714444 Bluesnap Inc GBR $159.99 3 year Virus Protection (Tech Genie) valid until 3/31/2019

    On October 13, 2016 I received a phone call from ‘iYogi” stating I owed the $39.99 and I said no & hung up.
    When I called October 18, 2016, I reached Tech Club who said iYogi was out of business but they would fix my problem for a fee. I said “no. thank you” & hung up.

    If there is a lawsuit, I will be glad to participate.

    Please add me to your list of unsatisfied customers!!
    Emma Jost


    I yogi is now calling me daily telling me I need to update security immediately. I really don’t trust them at this point. I also ended up talking to Tech Genie thinking they were i Yogi. I had given them access to my computer. When I realized they weren’t iYogi I told him he needed to get out of my computer, and he did. But I am gun shy now. Frankly I am willing to take the financial loss of buying a 5 yr contract rather than risk someone having access to my computer that I don’t trust.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Folks: Just checking in to let you know that ChannelE2E continues to monitor these threads. Two updates as of Oct. 30, 2016:

    1. We are not aware of any class action lawsuits against iYogi.
    2. Infinite Computer Systems has won a $7.3 court judgment vs. iYogi. This is the third judgment vs. iYogi in recent weeks, though the other two involved smaller sums. We don’t know if iYogi plans to appeal the judgments.


    Miriam Cohen:

    I’ve been getting calls from iYogi for other a month now. I keep telling them not to call me, but they continue — using a different phone number each time. Today I actually answered the phone and let the man talk. He told me that I was entitled to a refund because they had lost their server and would no longer be servicing my area. To get the refund, I was going to have to let them have on-line access to my computer through team viewer. I let them start but the minute they told me to open my online bank account while they were connected to my computer I told them to keep their $300 and not call me again. I then ended the session and uninstalled team viewer (knowing I can always reinstall it at a later date). Open my account while they had access! Really! Watch for this scam. It comes from “The Refund Department.”

    Sandra Morgan:

    I have also been getting calls twice a day from Yogi. I’m calling my lawyer at JAG.
    I hate repeatedly told them not to call me , I don’t deal with them. They want access to my computer and files as they have stated and even harassed me over the phone. I’m done. I will have a whistle and air horn the next time you call.

      Kathy A Buchhorn:

      Sandra, I am having the same issue. They are calling me 2 or 3 times a week. One got very nasty with me.
      I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and filed a complaint now.

      They just called again and he got very smarta__s with me. If you get a call from 310 299-0934 It’s iYogi. I’m so tired of the harassment… and that is all it is at this point.

    Adrienne Hartman:

    I have just received the support from iyogi and they are still on business. I have connected with them by a chat link directly. it is

    James Rich:

    Thank you so much, i have also received the support by that chat link

    Looks like iYogi is still in business. They are telling they will be active on business and keep supporting to the user as they have more then 3 million customers.

    Deborah Munoz:

    I too have been receiving calls from Iyogi, asking me to open my computer for malware check. I paid for a service until 2020. I tried calling back the number that I have used prior to these phone calls ,but it is not available. The number I receive when asked by the so called Iyogi representative, is an unavailable phone number that does not show on my caller ID. Today I received another call, asked them to stop calling. Internet has them as a defunct company with pending lawsuits. Never in the past 15 mos. have they ever called me. I’ve always been the one to call for the monthly malware clearing. What is going on here?

    John Greenlee:

    Just had tech support from iYogi to remove Tech genie which was to work through 10/16/2017 . The real time virus protection just stopped working on 11/28/2016. Technician told me they no longer offer this service and recommended Malwarebytes. Said that my other tech support was good until 2020!!! I’ve had good and bad service from this company since subscribing in 2009 and have had complimentary extensions on my paid contract after complaining re some issues. Overall the service has worked for me esp. considering that this was my first computer and computer tech support service experience. I have had many issues with their trying to promote products which I felt I didn’t need and they always politely backed off when I told them I couldn’t afford the offered product! All this said, my computer has worked fine and I have learned from the technicians who fixed many basic, simple and complex problems on my computer. Overall its been not much different than having a car serviced. Sometimes the mechanic knew his stuff, other times not. Sometimes they’d try to sell you stuff, other times not. With the free extensions to my subscription though I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth whether or not this company goes out of business.

    Joanne Straub:

    what is happening. A company called told me they are refunding money from iyogi and then charging me more money for there service. $700.

      Joanne Straub:

      just to add that tech co hacked iyogi. iyogi is good but they are pretending to be them an for 8 months or so call me with different nos that I dont answer. Iyogi does not call you and they are in business only thru chat not phone.

    Tim osi:

    Tech genie
    Are they legit?

    Kerry Gross:

    The phone numbers I have for iyogi do not work. The software they sold me will not open. I paid for a five year plan and also purchased a Seagate backup device which no longer works. The tune-up software they sold me will not open. I have had successful contact with them in the past and found them helpful but now none of their phone numbers seem to work.

    Kerry Gross:

    We also had Tech Genie on my husband’s PC and now his PC will not connect to Wifi. I definitely spoke with them since some of the people commenting here have, and despite what I had been reading on line about iyogi, they convinced me that they were still operating and in business. I am not sure what to do now.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Folks: To summarize the comments above and ChannelE2E’s reporting…
    1. Several lawsuits against iYogi had reached default judgments as of December 31, 2016. That means iYogi has been ordered to pay plaintiffs in multiple cases.
    2. Scores of ChannelE2E readers have communicated alleged concerns about iYogi’s business practices.
    3. iYogi has been non-responsive to ChannelE2E’s requests for comment.
    4. Comments on this blog entry are now closed. If you have additional questions/comments/updates about iYogi please email me.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E
    [email protected]