America Will (More Than) Survive Trump Presidency

I gotta admit: I never saw this day or this outcome coming. If you voted for Donald Trump: Congratulations. If you’re heartbroken, outraged or shocked by the apparent outcome: Don’t lose faith in the world’s greatest country. Only in America can you hold the world’s most powerful office — while being held accountable by the people.

As a country, we face some intense times in the days and weeks ahead. Financial markets worldwide tumbled overnight as concern about a potential Trump presidency emerged. We can continue to get caught up in the drama, or we can rethink our approach to life, media consumption, and social media participation.

Back to basics. Your faith. Your family. Your neighbors. Your town. And by the way: If you don’t have a particular faith — that’s okay, too. This is America.

Keep building your businesses. March forward with — or without — the government’s help. Create jobs, incomes, careers, and opportunities that change communities. Create futures for those around you.

And remember this key message from TruMethods Schnizzfest 2016 keynote speaker Vinh Giang: You have room for about five people in your inner circle. Kick the bad relationships out of that circle. Surround yourself with those who raise your game.

Mr. Trump apparently is going to Washington. I wish him well. The rest of us — entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers — still control Main Street, U.S.A.

I like our chances for success.

Disclosure: My preferred presidential candidate was Ohio Governor John Kasich. My choice amid the Clinton-Trump showdown was Gary Johnson.


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    Great reminder!! That’s the beauty of this country, change is ever-present.

    Joe Panettieri:

    People like you keep me optimistic.

    Jackie Schmid:

    Love this blog, Joe!

    Jim Lippie:

    Joe – very well said, I share your opinions 100%. We also shared our choice in candidates on both counts.

    Debbie Brandt:

    This was not an election it was a movement of the people. A cry for help from our government. A desire to bring the country back to its core values. A mandate that corruption cease to exist in White House. Just look at the stock market right now. There is such a panic of not being able to buy favors that people are scrambling. Bottom line is the people have once again regained control. The world is drastically changing with new opportunities and new threats, just like all American businesses it’s a constant evolution and our government is not exempt from changing times which require enhanced thinking to remain solid. This was a historical moment – the people have spoken.

    Steve Stewart:

    I am convinced the core Trump base will be hugely disappointed with the Presidents ability to change their career and financial prospects in life.

    Trade and Immigration are convenient scapegoats for the globalization realities that are pushing the core Trump base into $12 per hr jobs. Free trade is a 2 way street, and American business will convince the President that when about 1/2 of your revenues come from abroad, and mnfg costs in China are 1/5 of doing it stateside, — that 30% tariffs will crater the economy.

    The Federal gov’t does not hold any magic solutions for the rust belt, but we do live in a country where each worker is free to change thier financial life trajectory.

    Joe Panettieri:

    “…we do live in a country where each worker is free to change their financial life trajectory.” <-- Love it. -jp

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