Top 20 Professional Services Businesses: 2017 EBITDA Margins

The Top 20 Professional Services Firms: Companies 11-20

11. Jacobus Consulting is a healthcare consulting firm focused on improving patient care and quality, system and workflow operations, and financial performance.

12. LDS is a consulting firm that envisions and designs digital solutions for global organizations.

13. Mason Advisory is a UK-based IT consulting firm focused on everything from architecture and technology to cybersecurity.

14. Neueda is a global IT consultancy, training and software development company with specific industry focus on public sector, utilities and capital markets.

15. Pariveda Solutions is a management consulting firm specializing in performance improvement. Key focus areas include strategy, mobility, cloud, data, portals, CRM, enterprise integration, user experience and custom software.

16. SaaSfocus Inc. is a cloud services consulting company focused on deployments.

17. Stoneridge Software is a Microsoft Dynamics partner, with an emphasis on ERP implementation and support.

18. Superior Controls, Inc. delivers automation and control systems integration services. The company is working with Banks Integration Group , a systems integrator headquartered in Vacaville, California.

Two companies within the top 20 declined to be listed. If you’d like to see Service Performance Insight’s complete report you can find it here.



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