Dial the Phone: How Email Addiction Hurts Business

Anyone who read my 5 Tips for Getting Stuff Done blog knows that I try to be efficient. In that vein, today’s blog focuses on communication pipelines. Somehow people have forgotten that you can use the telephone — instead of relying on email — to  Get More Done.

Electronic communication cannot replace a good old fashioned phone call in the following scenarios.

1. Contract Negotiation: Sure, you can send a proposal through email. (Actually I recommend it, better to have terms written down so there is no confusion during the process.) But in order to really learn about your potential client’s needs, budget and goals, you need to Talk, not type. Pick up the phone and set a call to review your proposal. Talk about the positives and negatives and how you might adjust the proposal to better fit customer needs.

2. Business Review: Sending information by email to review your client’s service agreement is fine; they need hard data and the ability to review it in their own time. But don’t forget to ask them for time on the phone to review that data and answer any questions. You’ll be amazed at how much YOU can learn about how your services are impacting your customer; both positively and negatively.

3. When you need to LISTEN: Email is one way correspondence. The Telephone offers a two-way conversation that gives you the opportunity to listen, to show respect for your clients and/or business partners. It allows you to collaborate and compromise in a way that email will never allow. So, when you need to listen to a client, call them.

Today I challenge you to stop writing that email. Instead, pick up the phone and call someone. Another benefit: It will make you feel good to hear someone’s voice; it works for me.

Amy KatzRing, ring, Gotta go…

Amy Katz (@amybkatz) is an entrepreneur who has launched, built and sold a range of IT media platforms. As president and CEO of After Nines Inc., she oversees business development, sales and finance for the overall company and ChannelE2E. Read her blogs here.


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    MJ Shoer:

    Great advice Amy, could not agree more. E-mail lacks tone. E-mail also allows people to be bullies behind the keyboard. I’ve seen so many instances where picking up the phone would have averted a lot of drama and misunderstanding. We tell our Help Desk techs to pick up the phone, especially if they are not getting e-mail responses or they think the client did not understand them or seems upset. It’s a good tool, people need to remember to use it.

    Amy Katz:

    MJ – thanks so much for your thoughts. Interestingly, I know a millennial who says if you don’t write ‘lol’ next to every text, it seems like you may be ‘mad.’ Talk about lacking tone, right? ABK

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