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cloud email

Emails Don’t Sell…

Many small businesses believe you can use nurturing emails alone to gain access to new prospects. That’s just not how it works. Kendra Lee explains why.

“The Best Way to Sell Something…”

Awareness, respect and trust are critical, but they are insufficient to drive customers to change or to buy.

HP University Trains Global Partners for Subscription Services

HP Inc.’s new HP University is a training and education destination to help channel partners navigate the shift to subscription models.

Customer People

Selling Would Be So Easy If It Weren’t For Those Damn Customers!

I sit through entire presentations on new trends in selling, where the word customer or buyer may never be mentioned. That’s a dangerous reality.

Cold Calling Is Not Dead

Don’t bother with calling. Nobody picks up their phone anyway. Or do they? In an era when pundits think Cold Calling is Dead, Kendra Lee explains otherwise.

You’re Making Your Sales Quota (But Are You Doing Your Job?)

Sales people execute the company strategy in the face of the customer. Are you (or your people) doing this? David Brock explains.

Getting the Most Out of Customer Deal Reviews

Unfortunately, too many sales managers don’t properly leverage deal review. Many of the deal reviews I participate in look more like interrogations.

Why Your New Business Development Approach Is Failing

You’re so busy looking for the opportunities to close in the next 90 days, you’re not doing anything with those who told you to stay in touch longer-term.

Cloud Billing Management Market Forecast: Fast Growth

Demand for cloud billing management and monitoring software continues to rise among MSPs, CSPs and their customers. Here are some key options to know.

Buyers Aren’t Killing Sales; Sales People Are Killing Sales!

We know and encourage buyers to self educate on the web. Yet sales people constantly focus on pitching their products. Here’s how to change direction.