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Mapping Your Buyer’s Journey Through Every Element of Your Business

When we talk about the different stages within the buyer’s journey, we focus on Awareness, Education/Nurture, Purchase, and Loyalty. ChannelMaven CEO Heather K. Margolis explains.

Study: Average ESOP Employee Has $134,000 Share of Company

The average worker at a US company with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has accumulated $134,000 in wealth from his or her stake, according to new research. Plus, a closer look at ESOP trends.

Not Every Call You Make Is A Sale

The sales process requires a series of commitments we make to each other. Each commitment is critical; skipping or missing them compromises the process. David Brock explains.

It’s Not About What Your Product Does

Everyday, I speak with sales people who are struggling. They’ve got a rock solid deal, the customer is qualified and interested. These sales people are eager to educate the customer about their products–and customers are at the point in their buying cycles where they want to be educated. But somehow deals become stalled.  Conversations continue, […]

How Sales and Marketing Integration Can Drive B2B Growth Strategy

If you’re looking for a growth burst, think about implementing these key features for success across sales, marketing, communications and more, according to Channel Maven Consulting.

What’s Holding Your Sales Prospecting Back?

If you don’t have strong, qualified leads in your pipeline, it’s going to be hard to meet your sales objectives. KLA Group’s Kendra Lee offers these sales prospecting tips.

Sales and Revenue Forecast Meetings: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Sales and revenue forecasting isn’t easy. But we have to be responsible to ourselves, our management, our company and our customers. Here are multiple mistakes to avoid.

Sales People Need Help? Do Less, Not More

The new mantra seems to be, “We need to do more to help our sales people succeed!” But maybe it’s time to do less — not more.

How to Lead Prospects Through the Sales Process Faster

Prospects get stuck in their own decision-making loop, frequently making no buying decision at all. Here’s how to move them toward the right decision in a timely manner, according to KLA Group’s Kendra Lee.

Target Archery

What’s Your One Goal for Each Sales Person On Your Team?

We trying to help each sales team member learn, discover, improve and grow. But we inundate them with too many improvement goals. Instead, start with just one goal. Here’s why.