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Enterprise IT Consulting Contracts, Profit Margins: Under Pressure

Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys & Cognizant consider price cuts and special financing to retain business with big banks, report says.

MSP, SMB Technology Market Stabilizes, Regains Some Momentum

How are MSPs & small business technology revenues holding up amid the coronavirus pandemic? Positive signs emerged in late April & early May 2020. Here are 10 updates.

Google Cloud Revenue: Quarterly GCP, G Suite Results Surge

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & G Suite revenues rise sharply in Q1 2020. G Suite revenue per seat expands. Here’s context for Google, AWS & Azure partners.

Virtual Events and Digital Conferences: Less Is More

Amid face-to-face conference cancellations, a stampede toward virtual conferences & online summits continues. Here’s how to succeed where many will fail.

Managed Services Provider (MSP) Market Forecast 2020: Coronavirus Impact

The managed services provider (MSP) market will likely decline 17 percent in Q2 2020, before rebounding in the second half of 2020, ISG Index research finds.

How to Build Technology Market Forecasts In Uncertain Times

Tips and techniques for preparing technology market forecasts in a fast-changing environment, according to Forrester Research.

Revised IT Services 2020 Market Forecast: Bleak?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will impact IT services sector in a “deep, immediate, and long-lasting” way, according to GlobaData’s revised 2020 research.

Pricing vs. Discounting Strategies: Do You Know the Difference?

People confuse pricing strategies and discounting. They are different! And it’s important to understand that difference as part of your sales and value creation efforts.

Office Depot Earnings: CompuCom Revenues Shrink, Profit Margins Grow

Office Depot’s CompuCom revenue falls sharply, but IT services division improves its profit margins. Can 2018 MSP acquisition finally live up to its hype?

SADA, Google Cloud Services: $500M Revenue Push?

SADA, a ChannelE2E Top 200 public cloud MSP, commits to driving $500 million in revenues for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) over three years. Here’s how.