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Hardware as a Rental Services: Jenne Partners with GreatAmerica

Jenne is the latest distributor to embrace Hardware as a Rental (HaaR) partner financing models from GreatAmerica Financial Services.

CompuCom Device as a Service: Will Small MSPs Emulate the Model?

CompuCom’s device as a service launch is PC vendor-agnostic and includes managed services. Will smaller MSPs follow suit?

Rethinking Technology Sales Skills and Competencies

We must equip our sales people, teams and organizations with the skills & competencies critical for the coming years. Here’s where sales leaders must start.

The Hidden Sales Productivity Drain

Do some research and analysis–measure your sales team’s time available for selling. You will probably be shocked and how low it is. David Brock explains.

Stop All This Nonsense About Value Add!

Still talking about value-add? Maybe you should talk about value creation instead. David Brock explains why.

How Sales People Can Overcome Technology Commoditization (Forever)

While our products will eventually become commoditized, what our customers face is unlikely to be commoditized. Here’s how to stay relevant.

Seven Ways to Deal With Sales Rejection

How you deal with sales rejection determines if the customer door remains open for the long haul. Use these seven techniques to overcome rejection.

Future of Selling: Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Too often, businesses focus their sales improvements on tools, automation and content. How about actually focusing on improving yours sales people?


Inbound Sales Leads vs. Outbound Marketing: Rethink Your Assumptions

Some folks are so busy with inbound sales leads that they forget outbound marketing. That’s a big mistake. David Brock explains why.

Turn Prospecting ‘No’ Into ‘Yes!’

We always approach prospecting from a negative, glass half-empty perspective. KLA Group’s Kendra Less explains how to flip that upside down.