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Sales Metrics: 15 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to Monitor

As a business owner, make sure you track these 15 sales metrics — which are key performance indicators (KPIs) that can impact your revenues & profits, according to KLA Group’s Kendra Lee.

Sales Forecasts: Is Your Team Playing Games?

A great sales forecast can’t be just about hitting a certain dollar commitment! It has to be about hitting a deal commitment! David Brock from Partners In Excellence explains.

How to Improve Your Sales Forecasts: Accuracy Demands Target Close Dates

If your business wants to achieve sales forecast integrity, your company has to have target close date integrity. David Brock from Partners in Excellence explains why.

Continuum Acquires BrightGauge: Business Intelligence for MSPs

Continuum acquires BrightGauge, a business intelligence platform that roughly 1,800 MSPs (managed services providers) leverage. Continuum CEO Michael George explains the deai.

Liongard Names Adam Slutskin Chief Revenue Officer

Liongard, a provider of MSP automation software, hires ConnectWise veteran Adam Slutskin as chief revenue officer (CRO). Here’s why.

The Myth of the “Single Decision Maker”

How many people are involved in the customer buying decision? David Brock of Partners in Excellence offers sales perspectives.

Word Of Mouth for Revenue Growth: Less Important Than You Think?

For most brands, advocacy — positive word of mouth — isn’t the key to revenue growth, Forrester Research explains.

MSP Pricing Model With Full Cybersecurity Services: $250 Per User Per Month?

ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini organizes MSP technology and cybersecurity services into three tiers with suggested pricing of $125, $175 & $250 per user per month. Here’s how.

Customer People

Kaseya Sends Qualified Unitrends BDR Customers Directly to MSPs

Kaseya says it has built a system that directs Unitrends BDR (backup and disaster recovery) customers to MSPs. Is this really easy money for partners?

Sales and Service Alignment: Four Steps to Success

Address these four points to support your customers throughout their sales and service journey. Plus, where artificial intelligence & automation fit in.