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Dispatches From Mexico City: Building Brand Loyalty

The importance of trust is immeasurable for MSPs because you deal with clients’ data. It’s about personal trust — and brand trust. Ty Trumbull explains.

How to Gain More Reach for Your Channel Partner Blog

How to build channel partner-friendly blogs that engage and inform VARs, MSPs & CSPs. Channel Maven Consulting’s Heather K. Margolis explains.

Are You Commoditizing Your Customers?

The “Dear occupant or current resident…” emails you send applies “commodity” thinking to our customers. Here’s why that will backfire.

5 Ways Technology Vendors Fail When Describing Products and Services

Your business launches a managed services product or an innovative cloud service. But the product briefings miss the mark. Here’s what likely went wrong.

Chatbots Are Helping Companies Redefine Customer Experience

Here are the most common chatbot use cases being pursued by leading companies, according to Capgemini.

Fix Your Marketing Measurement Mess: Key Metrics, Takeaways

What are the best marketing KPIs (key performance indicators)? Forrester Research shares these KPI best practices for marketing professionals.

Are You Using a Content Marketing Platform?

Content marketing platforms (CMPs) are growing in popularity. Here are three types of CMPs to keep in mind, according to Forrester Research.

Email Marketing Tips: Don’t Alienate Loyal Customers, Instead Reboot Like This

Over-emailing is a persistent problem. Instead, it’s time for marketers to reboot their email marketing campaigns. Forrester Research explains how.

Make Sure Your Channel Marketing Core is Solid

If your channel marketing core program isn’t solid, it doesn’t matter how many communications, resources, or incentives you throw at it.

Have You Ever Really Loved a Brand?

Build brand affinity through customer experience (CX) and more. Forrester Research examines how.