Have You Heard About the Five ‘Ps’ of Sales?

Welcome to the future, where the B2B landscape will be defined by the 5 Ps: purpose-driven, precise, personalized, productive and profitable.

Rethinking the Sales Process

David Brock explains how to address the profound shift in buying, with customers preferring digital engagement channels to sales engagement.

Accenture Names Jill Kramer to Lead Global Marketing, Communications

Accenture names Jill Kramer to succeed Amy Fuller as chief marketing & communications officer. Strong brand reinforces Accenture’s global IT consulting momentum.

Samsung Partner Portal Gains Automated Marketing Engine

Samsung upgrades Ascend Partner Portal to provide channel partners with automated marketing capabilities, a new loyalty points program & more.

Can You Convince Your Customers to Buy?

To convince customers to buy, salespeople must help them open up to alternative points of view and find some reason to consider change.

HIG Capital Acquires SMB Digital Marketing Firm Hibu

Private equity firm H.I.G. Capital acquires Hibu, a Facebook, Google & Microsoft partner that provides digital marketing services to SMB customers.

How to Adapt Your Cold-Calling Strategy for 2021

The sooner you embrace how cold calling is changing, the sooner you’ll start to get sales prospecting results.

Is Your Solution Easy to Buy?

Just because our offerings are easier to sell, doesn’t mean we will sell more. We need to think about how we make our products easier to buy.

Management Isn’t for Everyone – Nor Should it Be

Companies need career paths and development for individual contributors, or they risk losing some of their most experienced and best people.

Focus on the Customer, Not the Cost!

Don’t let your customers buy based on price or on TCO. Focus on the total business results, and the business outcomes for customers.