Marketing strategies for MSPs, IT service providers (ITSPs) & cybersecurity consultants; including omni-channel, direct mail, cold calling & lead generation.

Prepare Now For Successful 2022 Channel Sales Planning

Here are the five things you should do in Q4 to ensure that you are ready to successfully begin building your 2022 channel sales plan.

Going Beyond ‘Making the Numbers’

Selling isn’t really about making the numbers; it is about maximizing what you can do for your customers to help them grow and thrive.

Creating Places Where People Want to Work

To combat the Great Resignation we need to focus on how we create work and workplaces that engage & retain the right people.

How Customers Qualify Technology Partners

Customers are constantly qualifying sales people. David Brock explains why it’s critical to earn the right to continue being considered.

5 Sales Myths Preventing You From Growing Your Business

Are you falling for one of these 5 sales myths? Kendra Lee’s advice helps dispel preconceived notions and unlock new opportunities.

Channel Marketers Must Prioritize Customer And Partner Value in 2022

Forrester’s Channel Marketing: Planning Assumptions 2022 identifies five key trends driving the priorities of channel marketing leaders.

Do You (And Your Customer) Have a Real Deal?

Sales people and customers waste huge amounts of time and resources on deals that are not and may have never been “real.”

Horizon Future Look 2

Who is Our Ideal Target Buyer?

Beyond ICPs and personas, David Brock examines a number of other dimensions used when identifying customers that might have a need to buy.

Cold Calling is Not Dead

When you insert cold calling into lead generation campaigns, all the cold calls are warm calls, making prospecting easier.

How Customers (Continually) Qualify Their Service Providers

Qualifying is not an event that is ever entirely complete. It is an ongoing part of building a lasting relationship with the customer.