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5 Marketing Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Crisis

How can you adapt your marketing strategy to meet customer needs in a COVID-19 era? Avanade’s CMO Stella Goulet explains.

How to Find and Close Bigger and Better Deals

Don’t get so busy chasing after smaller deals that you miss larger opportunities. Partners in Excellence’s David Brock explains.

How to Measure Sales Performance

Separating sales performance from compensation can help you develop more meaningful metrics. David Brock explains.

How to Engage the ‘Real’ Customers

Are you engaging the right IT stakeholders and target customers in your sales process? David Brock of Partners in Excellence explains.

How to Compete Without Discounting Prices

Should sales people resort to pricing discounts to win business and avoid lost deals? David Brock of Partners in Excellence offers guidance.

Post-Pandemic Technology Sales Prospecting: 5 Steps to Success

KLA Group’s Kendra Lee offers tips for proactively preparing your digital prospecting to succeed in a post-pandemic business world.

Do Your Prospects Know You’re There? Keep Marketing!

It’s tempting to slash your marketing budgets, but new prospects need your guidance more than ever. Here are five lead generation strategies you can use.

Virtual Events and Digital Conferences: Less Is More

Amid face-to-face conference cancellations, a stampede toward virtual conferences & online summits continues. Here’s how to succeed where many will fail.

Margolis Launches Spark Your Channel Marketing Automation Platform

Heather K. Margolis, founder & CEO of Channel Maven Consulting, unveils Spark Your Channel marketing automation platform. York IE to lead seed funding round.

Accenture Invests In E-Commerce, Omnichannel Expert Ideoclick

Accenture Ventures invests in Ideoclick for enhanced omnichannel e-commerce and marketing solutions. Accenture gains minority stake in Ideoclick.