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How to Get More Sales With Less Effort

Getting great sales results without stressing starts with a steady base and commitment to building your sales strategy from there.

“Free” is Meaningless if the Customer Doesn’t Care

If the customer doesn’t have the problem you solve, deeply discounted or free offers are meaningless, David Brock explains.

Your Customers Aren’t Buying Your Product. So Why Keep Selling It?

Understanding customers’ needs and business objectives, not your own need to sell a product, can help salespeople create value.

Cisco Acquiring IMImobile to Boost Webex Contact Center as a Service

Cisco Systems ($CSCO) is acquiring cloud software provider IMImobile to boost Cisco WebEx Content Center as a Service (CCaaS) & omnichannel customer experience.

Do Sales Discovery Questions Work?

The “discovery” stage of the buying and selling processes are incredibly important. But do current methods really work?

Value Proposition

Getting Rid of the “Value Proposition”

The concept of “value proposition” should be replaced with “value co-creation.” Partners in Excellence’s David Brock explains.

How to Improve Your Sales Organization During COVID-19

Can your sales organization use this time to better itself? Forrester Research’s Mike Pregler shows you how.

SAP Acquires Cloud Marketing and Engagment Platform Emarsys

SAP acquires customer engagement platform Emarsys to enable personalized interactions across e-mail, mobile, social, SMS and the web.

5 Marketing Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Crisis

How can you adapt your marketing strategy to meet customer needs in a COVID-19 era? Avanade’s CMO Stella Goulet explains.

How to Find and Close Bigger and Better Deals

Don’t get so busy chasing after smaller deals that you miss larger opportunities. Partners in Excellence’s David Brock explains.