Dispatches From Mexico City: Happy New Year!

Author: Channel E2E blogger and resident musician Ty Trumbull

Well, the presents have been unwrapped, the decorations put away, and life is returning to normal here in Mexico City. It’s good to be back at the ol’ ChannelE2E desk and I hope everyone who celebrates the holidays had as lovely a season as I did.

The weirdest part about Christmas and New Years celebrations in here is just how quiet it gets. This booming metropolis becomes a ghost town over the holidays as people fly off to the beaches or hole up with their families. Storefronts close and there’s nary a car to be seen. It’s kind of nice, actually.

While my girlfriend, Macey, went home for Christmas to enjoy the balmy -22°C(-7°F) Canadian weather, I stayed back in Mexico to mind the cat and dog and enjoy a very peaceful staycation. Christmas day some friends came over and we cooked a big meal together. My girlfriend returned home on the 27th and we exchanged gifts and spent the rest of the days enjoying each other’s company.

New Year’s Eve in Mexico is similarly quiet as most people spend the time with their families. The big parties are generally filled with foreigners and expats as they’re options are more limited. We rang in 2018 steps away from the city’s historic center at a friend’s apartment. After the clock hit midnight the revelers made their way to the giant (and I mean giant. Like, bigger than a bus) nine-pointed Christmas piñata to set off sparklers and dance in the street as the few police in the area looked on with bemused expressions.

Macey and I spent New Year’s Day playing catch in the park with the new baseball gloves we got for Christmas and watching our dog run around the dog park. A year ago, our adopted dog was a timid, slightly aggressive puppy. Now he enjoys spending time with other dogs and is fearless around new people. As we watched the little monster tear around the park like we had so many times before, it was a nice reminder of how much things have changed over the last year.

Ty Trumbull, from his base in Mexico City, covers the entrepreneur’s journey and business continuity for ChannelE2E. Each Tuesday or so, he offers views about his adopted hometown — his personal Dispatches from Mexico City. Oh, but sometimes he pops up in his home nation of Canada.

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