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Life Work Balance

ChannelE2E provides news on work-life balance for tech entrepreneurs, CSPs, MSPs, VARs, ISVs, IT distributors & technology partners in the IT channel.

Dispatches From Mexico: Life’s A Beach

I recently picked up shop and moved to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. And…

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I Actually Still Feel Pretty Safe Here

I got robbed. The incident has hung over me though. But not necessarily in the way that you might expect.

Dispatches From Mexico City: It’s Christmastime Again!

Here in Mexico City, people are buying ponche — a hot Christmas punch — by the bowl-full…

Dispatches From Mexico City: The Mayan Riviera – Part 1

It’s hard to believe that in the three years I’ve lived in Mexico I never got behind the wheel of a car. But that all changed a few weeks ago. After a pretty crazy few months I decided I needed a break and booked myself a “working vacation” in Playa Del Carmen. I have a […]

Dispatches From Mexico: The Big Pop Show

My friend Roberto called me. Someone he knew was looking for a banjo player for a big pop show. Hey, I’m a banjo player…

Dispatches From Mexico City: Time To Face The Changes

Change is a funny thing. It can be good or bad, but either way it’s unforgiving. Once things have changed it’s very difficult to go back to the way they were.

Succession Planning: When A Co-Founder Retires

Entisys360, founded in 1988, celebrates the retirement of co-founder Bets Strohl. Step brothers Mike Strohl (CEO) and Matt General (COO) are well-prepared to drive the business forward. Here’s why.

Dispatches From Mexico City: Trips To Tepoztlán

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to a little city called Tepoztlán. Well, it’s little by Mexican standards. But…

Dispatches From Mexico City: Musings On The Country’s New President

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has won the Mexico presidency. Here are views from Mexico City.

Study: Average ESOP Employee Has $134,000 Share of Company

The average worker at a US company with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has accumulated $134,000 in wealth from his or her stake, according to new research. Plus, a closer look at ESOP trends.