Life Work Balance

Work-life balance tips for technology entrepreneurs, MSPs, IT service providers (ITSPs), IT consulting firms, executives & small business owners.

List: Companies That Require Employee Coronavirus Vaccinations

A list of companies requiring coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations for in-office employees. MSPs & technology partners must plan on-site visits accordingly.

Great Resignation Triggers Manager Burnout: Oracle NetSuite Survey

An Oracle NetSuite survey shows managers are burned out and many are considering quitting for a less-demanding job.

8 Strategies for Improving Employee Experience

Employee experience technology plays an essential role in how employees feel about their day-to-day work experience.

IT Services Delivery: How to Measure Employee Experience

Every digital consumer project puts CX at the heart of solution design. Why should it be different for employees working for these companies?

Should MSPs Require COVID-19 Vaccinations for Employees?

Eagle Hill survey results reveal how working Americans feel about employer-imposed coronavirus vaccine mandates and more.

Cloud Highway Lanes Lights

Planning Your Return To Office Requires Calculating Readiness

Leaders in some geographies are busy planning their firms’ return-to-office strategies. But what that looks like is hotly debated.

We Created the Digital Generation. Now What?

Those who live and work in the realm of technology play a special role in ensuring this world remains a safe, productive and equitable space.

Cisco Launches Solutions to Speed Return to Work

Cisco has released solutions purpose-built to help organizations return to the office and also better enable remote and hybrid working.

Microsoft Announces Viva Employee Experience Platform

Microsoft is rolling out an employee experience platform, called Viva, that will integrate with Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Remote Work: Four Next Steps for Your Business

Avanade offers four recommendations and considerations for facilitating and deploying successful remote workforce solutions.