VMware Partner Nuvolat Cloud Group Shutting Down; MSPs Seek Alternatives

Nuvolat Cloud Group, a VMware data center partner, is shutting down because of the coronavirus pandemic and associated economic fallout, sources tell ChannelE2E. The shutdown has forced an undisclosed number of MSP partners to migrate customer data to alternative locations before Nuvolat turns off its cloud services on July 15, 2020.

ChannelE2E on June 22 reached out to Nuvolat for additional comment but received no reply.

Nuvolat Cloud Group of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, promotes HCSquare, a set of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and data center services that MSPs can white label and offer to end-customers. The company has 150 employees, and manages 130,000 virtual machines for customers, according to HCSquare’s website.

Nuvolat Email to Partners: Migrate to Alternative Before July 15

In an email to partners, Nuvolat Cloud Group disclosed that it plans to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy — essentially, a liquidation of the business.

As a result, Nuvolat’s cloud services will shut down on July 15, 2020, the company indicated.  “Hence, our customers and partners are requested to immediately migrate their data to another cloud service or an on-premise system,” the email to partners indicated.

ChannelE2E first heard of Nuvolat in February 2016. At the time, we noted that the company’s executive team included several Zenith Infotech veterans. Zenith was an early leader in the BDR (backup and disaster recovery) channel market, but the MSP-focused company imploded in 2014 after a debt default in 2011.


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    Rick Mancinelli:

    If you are impacted by this, please reach out. We can help!

    Joseph Landes:

    And if you want to move to Microsoft Azure and want the definitive MSP solution for Microsoft Azure, please reach out to us at Nerdio. [email protected]

    Eric Lunn:

    If you are impacted by this, please reach out. We can help as a 20 year VMWare partner offering cloud solutions. m3comva.com

    scott clarke:

    we would need quotes asap

    Joseph Landes:

    Scott please reach out to me at [email protected]

    Arthur Sanchez:

    I’m a trusted cloud advisor, if you need some help finding a new vendor please email or call me @ [email protected] or 480-905-2002.

    Matt Donnelly:

    Good afternoon – if you are in need of a Data Center provider to migrate to, I can help. I am an AE with vXchnge, located at 2202 Liberty Ave. We have a fantastic partner for Cloud Services as well, should that be a need.

    My cell is 610.730.7686.

    Thanks, Matt

    Matt Donnelly:

    * my email is [email protected]

    Emmanuel Pare:

    Sherweb have build a performance cloud powered by VMware Cloud Director and we can help you migrate your workload with a minimum of downtime. We have datacenters in USA and Canada. Contact me I will refer you to our cloud architect experts.

    Joseph Landes:

    Or Emmanuel they can move to Azure with Nerdio and move to a real public cloud.

    Richard Stephens:

    Contact us at gograyleaf.com.

    Dave Sasson:

    This is a stressful time for Nuvolat customers and my company will do whatever we can to assist you immediately. We are a leading Microsoft Azure Partner and can provide a migration plan within 24-48 hours with full managed services. I understand the sense of urgency, so please contact me directly ([email protected]) and to save time, please be ready to provide your VM inventory. We are here to help.

    Alberto Davila:

    Aptum Technologies is a Hybrid Cloud and Managed Service Provider we will support you on this unprecedented times.

    We got your back on any Hosting, Cloud, Colocation, Connectivity, and Security needs.

    [email protected]

    Trent Milliron:

    Might as well throw our hat in here.

    If you are an end user, not an MSP, and need to migrate out, we are happy to migrate you out into our services.

    [email protected]

    Sora Childress:

    We can help any impacted MSP customers with free migrations to our white label infrastructure. Just reach out at [email protected]!

    Jon Klimek:

    Obviously a very stressful situation for the partners of nuvolat, Ingram Micro can quickly help you leverage the reliability and scale of AWS or Azure, with many other complimentary cloud vendor solutions.
    [email protected]

    Karl McGarvey:

    Virtual-Q can help and is a complete solution – data center, secure infrastructure, DR, ITaaS and DaaS,. Visit / contact us at https://www.virtual-Q.com or 713-587-2536.

    Chris Cullen:

    All Covered – IT Services from Konica Minolta offers private cloud servers and colocation service. We build your VMs to purpose so we can maintain flat billing rates for our clients. We can handle any IT projects and service needs your organization may have, so your migrations, upgrades and implementations are covered. We can bundle more services than any other vendor, including managed print services.

    Learn more at https://www.allcovered.com/it-services/cloud-services/

    I’m here to help – give me a call!

    Chris Cullen
    IT Services Consultant
    CCullen [at] allcovered [dot] com

    Todd Heinold:

    We have strong relationships with both Microsoft Azure & AWS, along with 2 data centers ourselves. We are a Security focused Managed Service provider, so if you are looking for your answer, we can help! We have a great deal of experience putting together and executing quick migration strategies and plans. If you’re in a jam fee; free to contact me directly.
    [email protected] 646-556-6561

    Derek Adair:

    Find a Zerto partner so you can get in AND out of where you are going – destinations include Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and later this year VMware on Oracle Cloud. Over 350 Zerto Cloud Service Providers and there are also Canada only partners if data sovereignty is a concern.


    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Folks: Three quick updates…

    1. ChannelE2E welcomes reader comments, and guidance to help MSPs navigate Nuvolat Cloud Group’s shutdown…

    2. We have not vetted the solutions mentioned in the comments posted above or below. We welcome the comments — but remind MSPs to do their homework while navigating potential solutions to the shutdown.

    3. A dozen additional folks tried to post comments that feature multiple URLs and email addresses. But our spam filter limits each comment to one link.

    Thanks for your readership.


    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E

    Chris Cullen:

    Nuvalot Cloud Refugees,

    All Covered – IT Services from Konica Minolta – is a leading nationwide MSP with a comprehensive portfolio of managed IT Services.

    All Covered Cloud is our world-class private cloud for hosting and colocation services. Our VM configurations are built to purpose and our consumption model is fixed monthly billing, so no surprises in your bill. Our infrastructure is built for resilience and availability and does not rely on applications to be infrastructure-aware to maintain performance.

    If you are looking for a new cloud services provider – we’ve got you All Covered.

    Please feel free to reach out to me directly.

    Best Regards,

    Chris Cullen
    [email protected]


    Yeah Joseph. Your provisioning system fails every attempt. But its a great system that i ripped out in a matter of ten minutes after seeing it. Not once did nerdio system ever providing successfully without having to reach out for them to fix it over and over.

    Cliff Greenberg:

    Livewire Information Systems is a Nuvolat partner in the middle of this crisis. We have made provisions to assist other Partners based in the Coresite SV1 and SV4 facilities. If you wish to simply move your VSAN, we can help.

    Joseph Landes:

    Mike–feel free to share your email or number with me and we can chat as that is certainly not the feedback we get from our thousands of partners.

    Russ NIelsen:

    Nuvalot Cloud Refugees,

    All Covered – IT Services from Konica Minolta – is a leading nationwide MSP with a comprehensive portfolio of managed IT Services.

    All Covered Cloud is our world-class private cloud for hosting and colocation services. Our VM configurations are built to purpose and our consumption model is fixed monthly billing, so no surprises in your bill. Our infrastructure is built for resilience and availability and does not rely on applications to be infrastructure-aware to maintain performance.

    If you are looking for a new cloud services provider – we’ve got you All Covered.

    Please feel free to reach out to me directly.

    Best Regards,

    Russ Nielsen
    [email protected]

    Matt Klinger:

    GRAVITY DATA can help!!
    We just heard about this from a friend that was put in this terrible situation.

    Gravity Data Services is a leader in Cloud Data Management and Protection. Our cloud-adjacent data strategy is to deliver the industry’s best Data Management-as-a-Service solution. We are engineered lead, and supported by our parent company Compunet who has over 150 + engineers on staff. Gravity Data and is connected/partnered with Equinix and Veeam. We leverages the physical adjacency to the public cloud to enable data protection, cloud-connected private storage, governance, and intelligence. MULTI-CLOUD CONNECTIVITY  – makes it easy to scale your connection to meet your needs.

    In less than 48 hours we can have you set-up and establish connection to ANY cloud provider!

    Please contact us for any help.
    Matt Klinger
    Gravity Data
    [email protected]

    Baron Wolt:

    We have a privatized cloud in 3 Data centers with 2 more turning up. They are in Santa Clara, Virginia, and Sydney. You have the ability to brand out the gate, sign up and spin up immediately. (Also VMWare – partner)

    Baron Wolt President Tmpros

    Baron Wolt:

    To add we are located in all EQUINIX Data Centers so all areas of compliance is covered.

    Sign up is free so feel free to browse around to look at features (N+1, N+2, unlimited bandwidth, Tiered Storage, local snapshots) as well as get pricing.

    Any questions just email [email protected]

    Kenneth Woody:

    Green Cloud Technologies, a channel-only cloud provider, can help with Nuvolat migrations. We have 6 VMware powered data centers throughout the US and our migration team uses Zerto for managed migrations.

    We know time is critical and we’re here to help. Please contact me with any questions
    [email protected]


    We are in MSP and have our own private cloud, please reach if you need help [email protected]
    We have been doing this for over 30 years.

    Steve Smith:

    This is Steve Smith at First National Capital, the owner of the servers leased to Nuvolat for their service..Nuvolat have indicated they will be returning the equipment post July 15 when they are shut down…does anyone have an interest or know of anyone having an interest in acquiring these servers as in place and in use with finance available for approved credit?

    [email protected]

    Grace Rock:

    If you are headquartered in New England, I can help. All Covered has the ‘national muscle, with the local hustle’ 
    With the All Covered Cloud, you can move the necessary servers to our cloud infrastructure and collocate any existing physical servers, VoIP hardware, or other appliances and devices you still need. With your move to the cloud, you gain access to our SSAE-16 / SAS 70 type II certified data centers, enterprise security and compliance controls and access to a world class technology staff.

    Let me know if I can help,
    Grace Rock
    [email protected]
    (508) 90-GROCK

    Cliff Greenberg:

    Contact me directly at [email protected]. office 831-886-2631 C ell 831-277-4444


    We just learned when about the Nuvolot situation when a customer came to us & let us know and this is what we gave him. Best value around, this was the exact deal for a VMware private Cloud we just signed.

    VMware Cloud Private Cluster: vSphere, vSAN, & vCenter
    6x 10C E5-2660V3 2.6GHz (120 total cores)
    1536 GB DDR4 RAM (1.5 TB DDR4 RAM)
    9 x 2TB SSD (3 x 2TB per server)
    Price: $3k/mo.


    We were inspired by @Mark cutting to the chase to help Nuvolat customers and also took what @ThisGuy said to heart about slow systems
    Below is a Fully Managed Enterprise Class Fast Cloud Solution for MSPs. Let us augment your team!

    +++ Price: $2,899.00 (No gimmicks no games, we are here to help)+++
    Fully Managed MSP Cloud
    Located in Tier III Compliant Data Center (Best of Class)
    HIPPA / PCI/ GDPR / ISO 27001 / SOC 1 / SOC 2 / FISMA
    3 VMware Hosts (N+1 Configuration)
    Host Configuration
    2 x 10 Core Processors
    512 GB of RAM
    Boot from SAN (Fast Pure SSD NNMe Flash drives
    Dual 10Gbps NIC
    Includes Mission Critical Parts Replacement
    Includes price of VMware
    Management and Monitoring
    Host Based Monitoring and Dashboard
    Custom Dashboard Creation and Access to Reports
    Direct email to a customer distribution group (you see alerts we see)
    Note: Thresholds can be set per sensor (CPU, RAM, ping, etc.)
    Patch Management (upon request and scheduled with customer)
    24 x 7 Global NOC
    3 TB of Pure Enterprise SSD SAN Storage
    Sub millisecond latency
    Optional Services
    Managed Backup and DR Services in one of our global locations
    Managed Security as a Service
    Vulnerability Scanning
    Compliance as a Service
    Managed Antivirus and Path Management (VM Level)

    +++ Price: $2,899.00 (No gimmicks no games, we are here to help)+++


    If you are interested in the Fully Managed Cloud for MSPs above contact [email protected] 678.612.0200

    Cliff Greenberg:

    Livewire Information Systems is a Nuvolat partner with a solution to this calamity.
    If you are a Nuvolat Partner in Coresite SV1 ( San Jose CA) or Coresite SV4 (Santa Clara CA) then we can help you. Livewire is charging $300 per host to rack your VSANs clusters. We are providing redundant 10GB IP transit, secondary data storage and network management services. Contact me directly at 831-277-4444 or email me at [email protected]

    Candace Brown:

    Interesting, I know a few big names at Nuvolat Cloud Group. I will initiate a few proceedings. Anybody who wants to join is welcome.


    I did not receive any email that they were shutting down. We are totally blind sided this morning with this which I only discovered because I opened a ticket and then had no response. Then tried calling every number I had for them and it just rings.

    Tim Monner:

    Steadfast is already in conversations with Nuvalot customers and we are happy to discuss options with others that may need help moving their infrastructure. We are a Chicago-Based Cloud and Managed Hosting provider with over 22 years of experience. We operate our own data centers in Chicago and Edison, NJ, including premier space at 350. E. Cermak Rd in Chicago. Just reach out and we can set up a call to discuss your needs.

    Sally Jones:

    We know this is a stressful time. If you now realize that this computer/Internet thing is a fad we can convert you back to paper documents and store them in our 80k sq. foot warehouse in Manhattan for a fraction of what you’re paying. For an extra $10k per billion pages we’ll make a xerox copy and keep a redundant set in our cold storage site in a 600 foot underground bunker in Nevada.

    Christian Cullen:

    Now that’s funny!

    Cory Babcock:

    Everyone saying they can help…… Can you get any of our data?


    Cory, please email me at [email protected]. We will help you.

    Baron Wolt:


    Of course. You can email [email protected] or call 888.955.7767

    Daniel Fusco:

    Call InnerPC for Immediate assistance if you need to migrate to a secure Cloud Platform. go to MYinnerPC.com or call 877-488-6972


    Give us a call King Tech Repair. We are helping all legacy customers migrate to our cloud. http://www.avxsupport.com Call us 201-340-9101 We are a Core Site partner that can migrate your equipment right away.


    Is anyone else unable to access their data on Nuvolat before the July 15th cutoff date? We got cut-off last week and have been unable to access our data, getting no response from Nuvolat at all…

    Baron Wolt:

    I have been trying to contact them as well. They gave the deadline of July 15 and cutting people off early is a very bad thing to do.

    Joseph Landes:

    At Nerdio we are working with a number of MSPs whose have no connectivity into their data. This is obviously a huge problem for any MSP who did not do a backup of their data. We have found a few solutions to help you rebuild the data but this definitely is an issue. If you are an MSP who is facing this and needs help, please reach out to me at [email protected] or 206-779-9059.

    Baron Wolt:

    I am curious how you can “rebuild” without having the historical data and the backups were local.

    Baron Wolt:

    I have been doing some detective work and tracked down the cell phone of their Business Development Manager as well as some technical contacts. Stay tuned.


    Please do let us know if you are able to track anyone down. I’m searching for contacts as well.

    Baron Wolt:

    Well so far my emails didn’t bounce so that’s good

    I got an “out of office” from the CEO claiming health issues

    Candace Brown:

    Why the hassle? I have already tracked down the numbers & email ids of a dozen people working there. Not to mention, their customer base as well.

    John Bourjaily:

    Dear Nuvolot customers, Otava Cloud & Colo can assist you in our datacenter. Compliance comes with the solutions.

    Please reach out tome and we can assist quickly to meet the deadline. John Bourjaily, Global Partner Director; [email protected]


    I spoke with Coresite and they have permission to visually inspect equipment. You can call them directly. They have been very helpful.

    For Sales Info:
    Philip Kueber
    Sales Development, Team Lead
    1001 17th Street, Suite 500
    Denver, CO 80202
    +1 303.222.7334 | Office
    [email protected]

    Noah Case:

    Syptec.com can easily provide real solutions to real problems. 26 years of big data. We have 4 Tier3 locations. Oracle backed ZFS. Backup included, IDS and IPS included. Married ESXi solutions.

    Custom provided solution. Aggressive multi year pricing. No nickle and dime sales tactics.
    [email protected]

    Baron Wolt:

    I got notice the owner Jonathan received my email, but when I tried again this morning I got:
    Your message wasn’t delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

    This is some shady business regardless. Shutting down early prior to posted date is ridiculous.

    Baron Wolt:

    I spoke to a law group about this. For those who have data you still can not access, you might have to file a temporary injunction to get access back.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Folks: I hope all of the MSPs who have commented above are successfully navigating the migration process. If you have updates to share that might be newsworthy or informative, please don’t hesitate to email me.

    Joe Panettieri
    EVP, After Nines Inc.
    Editor, ChannelE2E & MSSP Alert
    [email protected]


    If anybody is still needs help let me know. https://albatross.cloud

    Richard Lingsch:

    If anyone still needs help contact me. We support Windows and Linux in our Private Virtual Cloud service. We can convert VMware images.

    [email protected]



    Looking for anyone going the litigation angle. We all need to bring these guys down. This is out of control.


    If you’re still not migrated from Nuvolat servers, today is the last day to get it done. If you’re looking for a hail Mary, this is the last chance! Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or call 678-981-5234.


    I have found where Cory and Imran are now. Of course they are working at other cloud providers like nothing has happened.

    Steve Smith:

    Can anyone provide a copy of their agreement with Nuvolat with any confidential economic/pricing information redacted for review by our attorneys?

    Steve Smith
    First National Capital Corporation
    [email protected]


    Has anybody started a lawsuit against either Nuvolat or their Leasing company?


    I’m curious if anyone has heard any more about the Bankruptcy? We lost out data, we lost our storage and nobody can find our production nodes. I am getting calls everyday from the Leasing company asking for payment.

    Anyone is a similar situation?

    Larry French:

    @Paul – Yes, we are in the same boat. The leasing company wants some outrages buyout.

    Aaron Kay:

    Hi all, I am in the same boat being sued by De Lage Landen.

    I have found an attorney that is handling 5 of these cases, including mine. They are very familiar with the case!!!

    Give them a call.

    White and Williams
    Attorney Morgan Birch

    Tell her you found Aaron’s post.

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