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The State of Hadoop for Big Data Partners and Data Scientists

Meeting 4: Hortonworks VP of Product and Alliance Marketing Matt Morgan & Senior Director of Global Product Marketing Wei Wang

Hortonworks is another leading provider of Hadoop. Much of the company’s focus at the conference involves the Internet of Things (actually, the Internet of Anything) and sensor networks. Hortonworks’ challenge: How to manage edge devices and sensors so (A) they gather the right information and (B) send only the required information over the wire back to the corporate data lake/Hadoop storage system?

The answer involves Hortonworks DataFlow — a new offering powered by Apache NiFi. “HDF is designed to make it easy to automate and secure all types of data flows and collect, conduct and curate real-time business insights and actions derived from any data, from anything, anywhere,” the company asserted.

HortonWorks Partner Strategy: In previous conversations, Morgan has described the growing role of OEMs, ISVs and IT consulting firms in the Hortonworks ecosystem. What’s next? I suspect MSPs will step in to manage DataFlow connections and related sensor networks.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Strata+Hadoop World conference was packed with attendees. And most case studies involved Global 2000 companies describing true innovations that drive data insights and potential business break throughs.

The major Hadoop providers each have several hundred customers on board at this point. But many startups at the conference have fewer than 50 customers — meaning that there’s still plenty of risk in the market.

Still, the rewards associated with Hadoop seem to be growing by the day. For customers. For distributors. For big consulting firms and integrators. And perhaps as soon as 2016 or so, for mainstream channel partners.


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