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The State of Hadoop for Big Data Partners and Data Scientists

Meeting 2: Trifacta Co-founder and CTO Sean Kandel, VP of Marketing Joe Scheuermann and Director of Product Marketing Will Davis.

The company’s focus is simply explained: Before you can effectively analyze data and perform analytics — you need to prepare the data, weed out or fix anomaly information (was a phone number field filled with a zip code?), and ultimately enrich the data. Or, you may need to combine and cleanse data from multiple sources.

Trifacta has about 40 customers — many of them are big names (Orange Telecom, GoPro, Pfizer, Pepsi Co., P&G and more). And most of the focus, currently, is the Hadoop ecosystem.

Trifacta Partner Strategy: Some MSPs — such as SoftNet — offer Trifacta as a managed service. Also, Accenture and regional systems integrators have engaged the company. On the technology front, Trifacta has relationships with the major Hadoop providers plus Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Watch for the company to push beyond Hadoop in the months ahead, and a formal partner program also is on the way…

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