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Tom Norton

Tom Norton

HPE abandoned its own public cloud, and instead partners with third-party public clouds. Some of the effort involves cloud bursting from customers’ on-premises HPE infrastructure to third-party clouds. But HPE is also expanding its own software portfolio to run in third-party clouds — and to manage hybrid clouds. We expect to hear from multiple sources later today, including:

  • Tom Norton, chief technology, Cloud Services;
  • Jeremy Willenborg, cloud sales enablement, Americas;
  • Angela Rizzo, director, demand generation, HPE Helion; and
  • Bobby Patrick, CMO, HPE Helion may also join.

Details: Here’s some of the chatter from this session…

  • HPE drove home the point that the company’s cloud stacks are compatible with classic software stacks like Windows Servers. For instance, HPE’s Cloud Foundry offerings are much more Windows-compatible than previous Cloud Foundry-type solutions.
  • Whatever happened to Eucalyptus, the Amazon-compatible software for private clouds? The company says Eucalyptus is alive and well. It’s most popular form is HP Enterprise Services running and managing Eucalyptus workloads for end-customers. In other words, HPE is a Eucalyptus managed services provider (MSP) for customers that want private clouds that are compatible with AWS.
  • Helion OpenStack version 3 is well-designed for SMB customers and midmarket customers that want to comply with regulatory mandates, HPE asserted.
  • HPE ArcSight is the company’s monitoring platform to detect and mitigate breaches across HPE offerings like OpenStack and more.
  • Generally speaking, bloggers at the session were confused by all of HPE’s different cloud offerings. On the product side, HPE responded, look at HPE Helion Stackato to build cross-platform offerings. And also look at HPE Cloud Service Automation, the company said.
  • For MSPs, HPE conceded that it didn’t yet have a single dashboard for managing customers across multiple clouds — on premises, public and so on. Right now, such a scenario would be nirvana but it doesn’t exist yet, the company said. Still, company representatives said they’re thinking seriously about that.

More Coverage Wednesday, June 8

Everything mentioned above occurs on Tuesday. We’ll also be sharing more details from the conference on Wednesday as well. Keep checking back.


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