Live Blog: HP Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman on Digital Transformation

meg-whitman-2“We’ve been talking about digital transformation for decades,” said Whitman. The U.S. census, for instance, began to go digital back in 1951, she noted. But more and more processes are getting digitized and accessible via APIs.

Pay close attention to HPE’s Synergy Composable Infrastructure strategy, with specific announcements expected at the conference.

  • When it comes to digital transformation, nobody has been more impacted than the CEO and CIO.
  • She pointed to case studies involving Boeing and General Electric, which are connecting devices and sensors to drive automation and insights that make air travel even safer.
  • Whitman recently rode in an autonomous car. She noted that each autonomous car will generate data that’s equivalent to four Libraries of Congress. A baby data center was in the car’s trunk, as compute moves to the edge of the network, she asserted.
  • “Digital transformation is no longer a choice. It’s a requirement.”
Boeing CIO Ted Colbert

Boeing CIO Ted Colbert

  • HPE is a “digital transformation factory” that assembles infrastructure, software and more for customers.
  • Customer Boeing has “pioneered” high-performance compute as a service, working closely with HPE on such platforms as Apollo, the aerospace giant said.
  • Microsoft’s top security executive stopped by to describe how the software and cloud giant leverages HPE Fortify for line of business applications.
  • Building on the security theme, HPE says it has 5,000 security experts and 10 Security Operation Centers (SOCs). HPE SecureData (formerly Voltage) is one of the key offerings that customers are adopting.
  • Another big push involved Haven on Demand — an on-demand machine learning system that runs atop Microsoft Azure.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston Stops By

Drew Houston

Drew Houston

  • Customers want the best of both worlds — fast application rollouts to employees, while also ensuring security, according to Dropbox CEO Drew Houston.
  • To deliver that reality, Dropbox moved some of its infrastructure away from Amazon Web Services into a private Dropbox infrastructure — leveraging solutions from HPE.
  • “It was a pretty fast migration. We migrated hundreds of petabytes of data with nobody noticing. It’s like swapping out jet engines mid-flight without passengers noticing.”
  • HPE is now a Dropbox business customer, and the duo has a channel partnership as well.
  • “Our view is hybrid cloud is real. Today,” added Whitman.

HP Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Antonio Neri

Antonio Neri

  • Executive VP and GM Antonio Neri took the stage next.
  • First, he pointed to the Helion Cloud Suite, which offers hybrid cloud management with infrastructure.
  • Second, keep an eye on Helion Cloud System 10, which is pre-integrated with best-in-class hardware and software, he asserted.
  • Third, he said Helion Stackato will allow developers to write applications that run across OpenStack, VMware, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, among other platforms.

docker-ceoHPE and Docker Partnership

  • HPE announced plans to bundle the Docker engine on all HPE servers.
  • Docker CEO Ben Golub stopped by, and said developers that use Docker deploy applications 13 times faster, typically have one-third the errors and faster fixes to the errors.
  • “The fact that you can get servers and hyperconverged systems from HPE is really remarkable,” said Golub. The management tools between Docker and HPE OneView work seamlessly, he asserted.
  • “Developers want to write amazing code; they don’t want to worry about how it gets deployed.”
  • Virtualization vs. Docker. “Virtualization is a fantastic technology but it was built for moving around servers. Docker is for moving around applications,” Golub said.

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