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HP Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman is set to address the HP Enterprise Discover 2016 conference today at 5:00 p.m. ET/2:00 p.m. ET. ChannelE2E is on hand to live blog the event. Among the chatter we’re tracking…

HP Enterprise Software

Overall, HPE’s software business performance has underwhelmed me in recent quarters. But ChannelE2E expects plenty of updates from Paul Muller, VP of HPE Strategic Marketing this morning.


Paul Muller

Details: Here’s a point by point update from Muller, paraphrased by ChannelE2E.

  • Software-defined is NOT about the data center, it’s about redefining the enterprise business. And all businesses being software businesses.
  • There are three big types of digital disruption. Including (1) business model disruption — such as you leveraging Airbnb to disrupt hotels; (2) process disruption which removes friction from the buying cycle; and (3) technology disruption like wearables, IoT and cognitive computing.
  • The good news on digital disruption technologies: You can get feedback much faster on application rollouts. The bad part about it: You better be able to tackle change management quickly. The big challenge on software is cultural — and the shift from waterfall to agile, which many companies haven’t mastered.
  • Every conceivable area of the technology industry is being disrupted. You’ve got to educate investors, employees and all observers to look at the balance sheet in a new way and really understand what the numbers mean. Tying that back to HPE, keep an eye on SaaS bookings rather than software revenues, for example.
  • Keep an eye on HPE’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, which will leverage big data to drive application delivery. For instance, the system will increasingly predict the cost of future application development and/or potential fail points.

HP Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman & Team

HPE delivered stronger-than-expected financials in its most recent quarterly results. But where is HPE heading next — particularly with hyperconverged data centers, hybrid cloud and big data solutions? Details: Paraphrased comments from Whitman are below.

  • Whitman started with an update on the overall business, including details about the HPE IT services business spin-off and combination with CSC. Whitman announced the move a few weeks ago, and simply drove home her earlier points about the deal. The transaction is expected to be completed by March 31.
  • HPE will continue to focus on secure, next-generation software defined infrastructure — including servers, storage, networking, converged and hyperconverged systems, and the Helion Cloud offerings.
  • HPE is re-defining IT at the edge and in the IoT area with Aruba.
  • Machine learning and deep analytics capabilities also are core focus areas.
  • HPE still has a Technology Services division — not to be confused with the IT services spin off. It includes 20,000 service professionals.

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