Hyperconverged Update: Juniper, Lenovo… And Nutanix?:

When Juniper Networks and Lenovo announced a hyperconverged partnership earlier this week, the duo promised to accelerate their enterprise data center business. The thing they failed to mention: Nutanix may hitch a ride.

Over the past 24 hours or so, some folks have been wondering where Juniper and Lenovo will get storage technology for their hyperconverged relationship. With that thought in mind, I reached out to Juniper and Lenovo for more details about the storage component.

“This partnership expects to complement Lenovo’s current data center portfolio, which includes servers, storage, and switches for Lenovo Blade Center and Flex Systems, and enhance it with the breadth of Juniper’s best of breed hardware and software switching portfolio (including ToR and spine switches),” a spokeswoman for Juniper said.

Hmmm… And what of Lenovo’s existing relationship with Nutanix? The spokeswoman’s  reply: “Lenovo may also combine Juniper networking solutions with Nutanix hyper-converged solutions leveraging Lenovo’s recently announced partnership with Nutanix.”

So there you have it. Juniper plus Lenovo plus Nutanix in the data center? It seems highly likely.

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