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Personalized Service vs. Privacy: When Customers Want Both

Customers are existentially worried about their data but they still click through confusing user agreements. Forrester Research explains what customers really want.

Druva Cloud Data Protection Service Gains Momentum

Druva’s cloud-based data protection service grows annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 500 percent. Here’s what’s driving that growth.

Top Four Steps to Prepare for GDPR Compliance Deadline

How can your business and clientele achieve GDPR compliance? Take these four steps prove personal data is protected, according to Capgemini.

NTT Acquires Oracle, SAP Partner Secure-24 for MSP Expertise

NTT Com, by acquiring Secure-24, gains managed application and database expertise across Oracle, SAP and Microsoft environments, the companies say.

Dispatches From Mexico City: Cloud Storage And NAFTA, Trudeau Visits CDMX

Canadian laws potentially position Canadian data centers as more secure & privacy-centric than their US counterparts. Will NAFTA negotiations change that?

Cyber Threats to Power Grids

Many industrial control systems are very old. Changing or replacing them can mean enabling service windows that cause disturbances.

Cloud Computing Support

OS33 Launches Secure WaaS for Healthcare, Financial Services MSPs

OS33 launches workplace_Provider Program to give MSPs a secure, compliant WaaS (workplace as a service) platform for healthcare, financial services & more.

DataBank Acquires Edge Hosting, Boosts Managed Cloud Services

DataBank acquires Edge Hosting for managed cloud services and compliance-centric services. Edge CEO Vlad Friedman shifts to DataBank CTO.

Encryption vs. Extremism: We Must Separate the Debates

Encryption is here to stay. But a new approach between government, industry & civil society is required. TechUK explains why.

Cybersecurity: Don’t Treat All Employees the Same When Trying to Protect Data

Cybersecurity & data privacy require more than a one-size-fits-all strategy. It’s time to understand these risks posed by different groups of employees.