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Top 10 Revival Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry must adopt new practices to safely recover and reopen after COVID-19-related shutdowns.

Big Tech Antitrust Investigations: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Updates

Big Tech antitrust concerns involve Amazon ($AMZN), Alphabet’s Google ($GOOG), Apple ($AAPL) & Facebook ($FB). Microsoft Teams ($MSFT) also faces scrutiny. Ongoing news and status updates.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Pre-Buyout Security Assessments

Your company wants to make a business acquisition. But how can you determine if the buyout target has proper security controls in place? Perhaps Bugcrowd can help.

Datadog Extends Cloud Monitoring, Security Capabilities for Partners

Datadog ($DDOG) unveils software partner marketplace; compliance monitoring for Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM); and incodent management capabilities for DevOps & MSP partners.

Azure NetApp Files Arrives to Government Agencies

Azure NetApp Files, the high-performance file storage service, helps federal, state, local government agencies fulfill cloud-first mandates.

Healthcare M&A: GPMF Acquires Liberty Fox Technologies

GPMF acquires Liberty Fox Technologies. Healthcare IT services deal involves analytics, automation, and cloud technology for EMR, CRM and BI processes.

eDiscovery Acquisition: XDD Buys RVM Enterprises

Xact Data Discovery (XDD) acquires eDiscovery peer RVM Enterprises; expands business operations in the New York area. eDiscovery M&A deals remain steady.

IBM Acquires Cloud Security Posture, Compliance Firm Spanugo

IBM is acquiring Spanugo, a provider of cloud cybersecurity posture management solutions. IBM Cloud plus Spanugo’s software will serve financial customers.

Accenture Acquires NIKE Group For Financial Services Technology

Accenture acquires Italian financial services consulting firm NIKE Group; deal expands Accenture’s FinTech & regulatory compliance talent pool.

Xceedance Acquires Activer Solutions

Global MSP Xceedance acquires Activer Solutions, an insurance expert and and technology services provider.