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Posts by Webroot Guest Blog

Automation: The Path to MSP Profitability

With more competitors entering the market, veteran MSPs face downward pricing pressures. The solution? Automation. Webroot explains how.

Current Security Posture Guidelines for MSPs

Download the 2017 Cyberthreat Defense Report from CyberEdge Group and learn security professionals address today’s cybersecurity challenges.

Polymorphism: How Webroot Can Hit a Moving Target

Attackers generate polymorphic malware & PUAs (such as spyware & adware) in ways that make each instance unique. Webroot describes how to fight back.

Mixed Cybersecurity Trends Revealed in 2017 Webroot Threat Report

The new 2017 Webroot Threat Report identifies the most important cybersecurity trends that MSPs & their clients must address during 2017.

How MSPs Can Use Automation to Become More Profitable

Competition in the MSP marketplace can drive down profit margins. This MSP Guide to Automating Your Business for Profitability can restore healthy margins.

3 MSP Goals for the New Year

Three simple steps that will help make sure your MSP customers are safe and happy throughout the New Year and beyond, courtesy of Webroot.

Using Machine Learning to Prevent Modern Cyberattacks

Why should MSPs care about machine learning? It’ the difference between reactive and preventative cybersecurity. Webroot explains.

MSPs: Leverage Cybersecurity Resources to Market without Marketing

MSPs: Learn how delivering cybersecurity tips to customers is a powerful marketing tool that reinforces your trusted advisor status. Webroot explains.

3 Key #NextGenMSP Security Strategies

Forward-thinking MSPs are embracing next-generation security strategies that work toward their goal of becoming a profitable next-generation MSP.

The Evolution of Phishing Scams

Phishing tactics are getting smarter & more sophisticated. As an MSP, that puts added pressure on you to educate clients. Webroot explains how.