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5 Ways Security Can Help Boost MSP Profits

Here are five ways managed security solutions can drive MSP profits and revenues, while safeguarding customer assets, according to Webroot.

MSP Security Alerts: Solve the False Positive Headaches

For MSPs, cloud-based security solutions and machine learning can reduce the time spent analyzing false-positive threats and to put more time and effort into tackling real security issues. Webroot explains how.

MSPs and WiFi Hotspots: Grab the Network Security Opportunity

Poorly-secured WiFi hotspots are everywhere. Those vulnerabilities are an opportunity for MSPs to sell security services, such as DNS protection and content filtering. Webroot explains.

DNS Protection Solutions Boost MSP Customer Security, Productivity

Internet threat vector attacks are on the rise. MSPs can fight back with domain name system (DNS) security products with internet protection capabilities, Webroot asserts.

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MSPs and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI): Five Business Use Cases

How can MSPs employ cyber threat intelligence (CTI) as a strategic asset to safeguard customers? Webroot shares five CTI business use cases.

How MSPs Can Use SAT to Strengthen Customer Cybersecurity

For an MSP, a Security Awareness Training (SAT) practice enhances your reputation with customers & creates a new revenue stream for your business.

MSP Enemies List: Top 10 Nastiest Ransomware Attacks of 2017

The 10 Nastiest Ransomware Attacks to strike within the past year include NotPetya, WannaCry and these eight other threats, according to Webroot.

How MSPs Can Beat the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage with Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence enables MSPs to expand the breadth & depth of endpoint protection services while reducing IT staff workloads, Webroot explains.

What Business Value Should MSPs Expect from Their Vendors?

Managed security and cloud solutions that pass the “Three E’s” test help MSPs maximize efficacy, efficiency and elasticity. Webroot explains why.

MSP Survey Shows Ongoing Ransomware, Malware Attack Challenges

Webroot recently surveyed 500 MSPs to pinpoint ransomware and malware trends. Here are the survey results and analysis for IT service providers.