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MSPs That Deliver Secure Remote Access Can Improve Customer Business Resilience

Demand for remote access has critical implications for customer security & business resilience. Here’s how MSPs can address those needs, according to OpenText’s Webroot & Carbonite team.

The Six Nastiest Malware of 2021

How MSPs can secure SMB customers from Cobalt Strike, Conti, Dridex, Lemonduck, REvil & Trickbot cyberattacks, according to Webroot.

Here’s Why it’s Still Important to Diversify Your Data in the Cloud

MSPs should leverage multiple clouds instead of a single cloud. The strategy requires high-availability data replication & data migrate capabilities.

As Workforces Migrate from Offices, Workflows Migrate to the Cloud

Migrating customer workloads to the cloud offers management, security & availability benefits for MSPs & their customers, Webroot asserts.

Supply Chain Attacks are Closing in on MSPs

As global cybercriminals continue with supply chain attacks, MSPs should expect more indiscriminate, wide-net infections to make headlines.

Reminder: What’s the Difference Between High Availability and Backup?

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Amid major ransomware attacks, MSPs that protect customer data need to understand how standard backup & high-availability replication differ.

4 Ways Ransomware Can Cost Your Business (in Addition to Extortion)

Beyond extortion payments to hackers, ransomware attacks have additional costs for MSPs & their small business customers, Webroot explains.

How MSPs Can Recapture Time With Cyber Resilience Solutions

How T-Consulting — an MSP — integrated endpoint protection, DNS protection, and security awareness into its RMM and got their time back.

An MSP and SMB Guide to Disaster Preparation, Recovery and Remediation

It’s important for MSPs and SMBs to have a ransomware BC/DR plan in place so normal operations can resume as quickly as possible.

An Inside Look at Cybercrime-as-a-Service

Beyond SaaS, IaaS and PaaS cloud services, today’s hackers often leverage cybercrime-as-a-service, Webroot Senior Threat Research Analyst Kelvin Murray explains.