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Sogeti is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capgemini S.A. Sogeti Labs is a network of over 120 technology leaders from Sogeti worldwide. Sogeti Labs covers a wide range of digital technology expertise: from embedded software, cyber security, simulation, and cloud to business information management, mobile apps, analytics, testing, and the Internet of Things. The focus is always on leveraging technologies, systems and applications in actual business situations to maximize results. Sogeti Labs provides insight, research, and inspiration through articles, presentations, and videos that can be downloaded via the extensive Sogeti Labs presence on its website, online portals, and social media.

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6 Reasons to Rewrite An Application

According to the book Software Craftsmanship, an application should last longer than 10 years. Joel Spolsky goes even further to say that “the single worst strategic mistake…rewrite the code from scratch.” Developers, on the other hand, are quick to tell their customers  about rewrite needs when they feel that the code is a mess. But should you ever throw the […]

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Are Technology Certifications Still On the Mark?

I’m not here to talk about the value of technology certifications for companies, but rather to talk about the value these bring to you — individually. I have often heard people say: “Why do I need to get this certification? I have enough experience.” Yes… that is true, a certification on a piece of paper does not replace […]

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Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

The great benefits of the cloud are its flexibility, on-demand availability, cost effectiveness, scalability and the way it enables a more agile approach to working. When you’re considering your cloud security strategy, you need to ensure that it reflects these characteristics to be truly effective. Maintaining security in the cloud also necessitates a shared responsibility […]

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The Internet of Addictions

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly, and with it… its potential to change our lives. Although this is mostly for the better, privacy and security concerns have already been raised (read this article). A bigger concern, however, is the addictiveness of where we interact with the Internet of Things – devices and apps. Received a message? […]