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Oracle SaaS Business Reaching Critical Mass

Oracle’s SaaS, PaaS and DaaS businesses are distinguishing the company from better known cloud services providers like Amazon and Microsoft.

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Oracle Cloud Partner Program Updates Set for February

At Oracle CloudWorld, CEO Mark Hurd hinted Oracle Cloud Partner Program updates are coming in February. Ovum expects updates for Diamond partners and more.

Net Neutrality Rulings Threaten Telco, Internet Partnerships

Telecom and Internet companies will be more circumspect about partnerships that could potentially be construed as being against net neutrality.

Surprise: CapEx Will Grow Again

Communication service providers and telcos are obsessed with OpEx. But CapEx-related IT spending is set to rebound. Prepare now.

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Do You Really Care About Customer Experience?

You have a rich set of tools to effectively monitor, analyze and improve a digital customer experience. But what about offline and analog conversations?


Google Is A Disruptor, But Not A Telecom Competitor

Some of Google’s projects may be disruptive to different parts of a telecom operator’s’ businesses, but Google lacks a telecom master plan.

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Automation Will Revolve Around the Individual

Automation and robotics are here to stay and are becoming increasingly mainstream. More than just IBM’s Watson. Welcome to the Internet of Me.

IoT vs M2M Definitions: Making A Clearer Distinction

The Internet of Things. Machine to Machine communications. In many ways, IoT and M2M sound similar. But here’s why they’re different.

Data Storage and Business Ethics: Alignment Required

It is time for channel partners and customers to consider the ethics of what data is retained and how it is used.

Telcos: Conglomerates for Digital Services?

When it comes to developing digital services, telecom companies (i.e., telcos) have a pretty dreadful track record. Can conglomerates change that?