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Why Dimension Data Acquired Ceryx: Office 365 Cloud Skills

Ceryx helps customize and manage hybrid cloud mail environments for enterprises that need more than just a simple Office 365 migration. Ovum explains more.

Mobile Roaming: Death Throes or Rebirth?

We know your business travel strategy: To avoid mobile roaming fees you use free WiFi when you reach your destination. But alternatives are emerging.

Telcos Expect More From BSS Managed Services Providers

Telco engagements with their software and IT service partners will evolve. BSS software will play a more critical role. Ovum explains why.

What Should Telcos Call Themselves? (Hint: It Doesn’t Matter)

Digital operator, digital service provider & even digital lifestyle provider have crept into the telecoms lexicon. Skip the jargon. Focus on services.

Can Cloud, Digital Save Big-Ticket IT Outsourcing?

A look at long-term IT outsourcing contracts in Europe, and what they mean for the overall IT consulting and service provider landscape, according to Ovum.

Are Public Cloud Services A Dumb Move for Telcos?

For telcos to compete purely on cost is foolhardy. Selling public cloud services ain’t dumb, but for telcos it certainly isn’t easy, Ovum asserts.

Managing Corporate Culture Amid Technology Convergence

Despite best intentions, language differences and organizational boundaries are still alive and well. Expert ecosystems will change that, Ovum predicts.

How Will Telecom Networks Enable IoT?

As everything gets connected to the Internet, telecom companies want to be key enablers for the Internet of Things. Ovum explains what’s next.

Data Center Network Cable

NFV Hype Declines, Reality Settles In

Network functions virtualization continues to mature. But is NFV truly ready for prime time? Ovum gathered clues during Mobile World Congress 2016.

Blockchain Hype Triggers Confusion

What is blockchain? Finally, a simple definition and a look at the hype for the distributed ledger technology. Plus, a blockchain reality check from Ovum.