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About Nixon Peabody

At Nixon Peabody, we see 21st century law as a tool to help shape our clients’ futures. We are constantly thinking about what is important to our clients now and next so we can foresee obstacles and opportunities in their space and smooth the way. We work together to handle complex challenges in litigation, real estate, corporate law, intellectual property, and finance anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Gifting Family Business Interests to a Trust for Children

Many families have spent generations building successful businesses. A defective grantor trust can keep that wealth in the family. Nixon Peabody explains.

Top 100 Private Equity Firms: 2017 List, Research and Rankings

The Top 100 Private Equity Firms list and research rankings from Preqin. Nixon Peabody examines some of the top PE firms on the list.

Private Equity: Potential Merger & Acquisition Trends for 2017

A look at 2016 private equity (PE) deal activity. Plus, predictions for 2017 mergers, acquisitions & midmarket PE deals. Nixon Peabody explains.

NIST Updates Cybersecurity Framework

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.1 adds a new section on cybersecurity management, risk management metrics and measures. Nixon Peabody explains.


U.S., Swiss Governments Sign Own Privacy Shield

The U.S. & Swiss governments finalized an agreement allowing multinationals to transfer personal data between the two countries. Nixon Peabody explains.

Public Employees and Free Speech Rights on Facebook: Court Ruling

What happens when public employees discuss workplace issues on Facebook? This legal case offers some clues. Nixon Peabody offers analysis.

NIST Cybersecurity Guidance for Small Businesses

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released information security guidance targeted at small businesses. Nixon Peabody explains.

EU-US Privacy Shield Faces Legal Challenge

A privacy advocacy group is challenging the validity of the EU-U.S. data transfer agreement, the Privacy Shield. Nixon Peabody explains the challenge.

Family Owned Businesses: Valuations & Proposed IRS Regulations

Keep a close eye on proposed IRS regulations & the potential impact on family owned businesses — particularly their valuations. Nixon Peabody explains why.

Nine Tax Planning Opportunities to Consider Before Dec. 31

There are at least nine potential ways to cut your annual tax bill. Nixon Peabody recommends exploring these steps before the end of the year.