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Privacy Policy

Has David Chaum Saved The Internet?

Privacy on the Internet is disappearing. Can network pioneer David Chaum save the day? ISACA CEO Matt Loeb weighs in.

Fence Security

Cybersecurity Snapshot: Cyberthreats, Regulations, Workforce Issues in 2016

ISACA survey reveals key concerns and preferred best practices for cybersecurity. Hot topics include privacy & encryption; two-factor authentication & more.

Cybersecurity Information Sharing Law: What It Covers

New US legislation promotes & encourages the private sector & the US government to exchange cyber threat information. An ISACA report offers more details.

Internet of Things Cloud IoT

Is the Internet of Things Safe?

New ISACA survey shows significant Internet of Things (IoT) perception gap between consumers and cybersecurity and IT professionals.

Big Data: Beware Comfortable Inaction

Of all the trends we investigated, Big Data analytics scored the highest in terms of business value created relative to potential negative risk impact.