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2019: The Best Year Ever to Sell Your Business?

If your company is prepared to go to market then sell now! You may not get another chance like this for another five to seven years, GEM Strategy Management predicts.

Structured Earnouts: Pros and Cons When Selling Your Business

A structured earnout explained, along with the pros and cons for both sellers and buyers, according to Gary Miller of GEM Strategy Management.

Selling Your Business To A Private Equity Firm: Seven Expectations

How will a private equity (PE) firm value your business & what should you expect when they examine your company? Here are seven considerations for owners & potential sellers.

Family Business Succession Planning

Should you acquire your family’s business from your parents? Find your answer with these eight succession planning considerations & tips.

How to Manage an Unsolicited Offer For Your Business

If you receive an unsolicited offer to buy your company, consider these seven merger, acquisition (M&A) and exit tips for small business entrepreneurs from Gary Miller.

Selling Your Company: Seven Tax Issues, Questions to Ask

If you’re selling your business, don’t agree to any aspects of a deal until after you meet with a competent tax adviser. Ask these seven questions and find out what you’ll net on an “after-tax” basis.

Mergers, Acquisitions: Four Secrets to Due Diligence Success

Due diligence kills half of all pending mergers and acquisitions. To avoid M&A setbacks, GEM Strategy Management Inc. offers four secrets to due diligence success.

Are Your Employees Stealing From Your Business?

Asset misappropriation accounts for almost 80 percent of employee fraud schemes. These schemes include billing manipulation, customer charge-offs and more. Here’s how to discover and eliminate such fraud.

You Just Received an IRS Audit Notice. Now What Do You do?

When facing an IRS tax audit, take these seven steps to smooth the process for your business.

10 Acquisition Mistakes to Avoid When Buying A Company

Current market conditions suggest it is a seller’s market with frothy multiples. A comprehensive assessment of the acquisition “target” is a must. Here are 10 major mistakes to avoid.