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Think Local to Stay Ahead of the Competition

More organizations are realizing the benefits to an approach that shifts the balance to more local-specific services and delivery.

Three Simple Guidelines for Goal Setting

Keep your goals simple, understandable, actionable and limited in number, with clear linkage to the overall purpose.

Measure Three Types of Customer Experience Metrics

An effective CX measurement program can determine whether your organization is delivering experiences that drive business results.

Zero Trust Is Not A Security Solution, It’s A Strategy

Zero Trust is not a product, it’s a security framework built around the concept of “never trust, always verify” and “assuming breach.”

Customer Service Technologies Are Variably Effective: Know Your Options

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance and the shortcomings of customer service technologies and showed how automation can help.

Just In Time, The SAST Market Has Embraced The Developer

SAST tooling has evolved to allow developers to respond to SAST functions in their IDEs, ticketing tools, build tools or code repositories.

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Emerging Company Leaders: Are You Prepared for Exit?

Only one in 10 emerging companies survive past the 10-year mark. You must take a proven, prescriptive business approach to survive.

AI and the Sales Rep: Where Does the Machine Stop and the Human Begin?

What AI functions can replace the sales rep, and what functions should reps continue to perform, influence or oversee?

Sales Compensation Plans: Six Example Components

A successful sales compensation plan involves the compensation charter, plan design, target setting, deployment, management & governance, Forrester Research asserts.

Why Automation Will Become a Business Imperative in 2021

Automation is no longer a nice-to-have, but a matter of survival for businesses. Forrester’s Craig Le Clair looks ahead to 2021.