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Posts by Avanade

Is Automation Out To Eliminate Jobs?

Plug in a machine, lay off employees, reap profits, stock soars. Actually, the full story on automation is quite different, Avanade explains.

Software Containers: Short- and Long-Term Benefits Explained

Here are four ways software containers can bring clarity to your cloud applications journey, according to Avanade.

Three KPIs to Measure Chatbot Success

To measure chatbot success, your platform should be able to report on each of these three KPIs (key performance indicators) in real-time, according to Avanade.

New Metrics for Managed Services Success

Managed services used to focus on preventing issues & keeping software or processes away from disruptions. Times have changed. Avanade describes new MSP priorities & associated metrics for success.

Investing in Employee Experience: Is There An ROI?

Will investing in employee experience pay off in better customer experiences or improved business performance? Avanade offers perspectives.

Understanding Your Artificial Intelligence (AI) maturity

Artificial Intelligence (AI( maturity isn’t just about the technology you use, it’s also determined by the people you have in place and the supporting business processes, Avanade explains.

Building An (Even More) Intelligent Professional Services Firm

Professional services firms are filled with highly intelligent experts. But are they intelligent enterprises? Avanade takes a closer look at the situation.

Every $1 Spent on Customer Experience Delivers a $3 Return

Delivering great customer experiences across all touchpoints isn’t easy. Consider this CX maturity model guidance from Avanade to get started on the journey.