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Zix AppRiver Guest Blogs: Where to Find Them

Thank you for your interest in Zix AppRiver. Here is information about where to find their guest blogs.

A Hacker’s Christmas Wish List

Four items on every hacker’s wish list this holiday season. Will Santa deliver the digital goods?

Office 365 Cloud and Email Security for MSPs

MSPs and businesses can extend beyond Microsoft Office 365’s built-in security to more fully protect email from attacks involving malware, spear phishing and more. AppRiver explains how.

4 Ways to Prevent Spear Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing attacks trick targeted victims into sharing private data and credentials. These four steps can protect customers from spear phishing attacks, AppRiver asserts.

Can Hackers Steal Your Retirement Fund? (Yes)

AppRiver describes how to safeguard your retirement accounts and related financial investments from hackers, cybercriminals and digital thieves.

5 Ways MSPs Can Attract More Customers

These five steps can put the spotlight on your MSP (managed services provider) and generate more customer interest in your business, AppRiver says.

Phishing Attacks: Don’t Be A Victim

It takes a healthy mix of technology and training to avoid phishing attacks. AppRiver explains the security threats and how to mitigate the risks.

Will That Email Trigger Malware or Ransomware?

Follow these AppRiver clues to see if an email will unleash a malicious attack, malware or ransomware.

Protect Yourself Against Email Scams This Tax Season

Why CPA firms have to watch out for malware campaigns like Adwind RAT during this tax season. AppRiver shares security guidance.

Phishing and Conversation Hijacking Attacks: Hackers Get Personal

How hackers leverage Conversation Hijacking Attacks (CHAs) for next-generation phishing campaigns. AppRiver prepares MSPs to mitigate the threat.