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Amy Katz is a technology entrepreneur who has launched, built and sold a range of IT media platforms. As president and CEO of After Nines Inc., she oversees business development, sales and finance for the overall company and ChannelE2E.

Five Things I’m Thankful for in 2015

As we wrap up the calendar year 2015, I have a lot to be thankful for — both personally and professionally…

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Management Tips: Let Them Go

Hire your staff. Train them well. Do your best to make sure they know how to do their job. Then…

What Makes a Good Business Partner?

Jobs and Wozniak. Gates and Allen. Wilbur and Orville. Ben and Jerry. Hewlett and Packard. Page and Brin. Can you really build a business on your own?

Is Your Business on the Right Path?

A brief moment in time with Marcus Lemonis (“The Profit), Arnie Bellini, IT Weapons CEO Ted Garner, Amy Katz — and 3,000 channel leaders.

5 Little Known Facts about After Nines Inc.

Good morning, channel partners. Here are five little known facts about After Nines Inc. — ChannelE2E’s parent to start your day for Thursday, November 12, 2015. Actually, this update involves 12 little known facts (gulp). 12. Joe and I decided to launch our previous business (Nine Lives Media Inc., sold in 2011) behind an island in […]

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Recognize Greatness (In Your Kids)

When it comes to proactive tech support, our family doesn’t outsource IT. Instead, my husband and I depend on a talented kid down the hall…

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Perspective: Be Present

Next time you can sneak out and watch your child race, or play an instrument, or even drive them to a friend’s midday — go for it.

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5 Tips for Being the Manager You Always Wanted

Five talent management tips that all executives should keep in mind as you run your business and manage your staff.

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Mind If I B*tch a Bit?

Do women have to be mean to get ahead in today’s workforce? Actually, my experience shows that it’s quite the opposite.

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How I Learned Focus (From My Daughter)

Recently, three-quarters of my family spent 10 hours in the car, transporting my son to summer camp. My daughter, a competitive athlete, started her day much earlier — at 5:30 a.m. in the pool. She came home from practice with a medicine ball and a dryland workout for ‘when she got home from dropping Micah.’ […]