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How Sales Leaders Can Build Larger Pipelines

Recent changes in B2B buying habits offer sales and marketing leaders a unique opportunity to adopt a new approach to building pipeline.

EDR vs XDR Security: What’s the Difference?

XDR has taken hold of the security market as the successor to EDR. But Forrester’s Allie Mellen says EDR isn’t quite dead yet.

Cybersecurity Incident Response: Choose Your Partner Before You’re Hit

To survive a cyberattack, you need to choose the right incident management partner before you’re hit with a devastating attack.

How to Adjust B2B Marketing KPIs in 2022

To drive a successful KPI measurement change, marketers must follow three simple yet effective steps. Christina Schmitt explains.

Why Automation May Not Mean Workforce Reductions

There are many reasons to be skeptical about claims of massive job losses due to automation and AI. Andrew Bartels explains.

Three Ways to Close the Sales Talent Divide

Here’s how to prevent resignations that may stall end-of-year performance or create a deficit in the New Year.

Lightbulb Idea Innovation

What You Can Learn From Amazon’s Approach to Innovation

Business and tech leaders can learn from and embrace elements of Amazon’s approach to fundamentally rethink their approach to innovation.

Prepare Now For Successful 2022 Channel Sales Planning

Here are the five things you should do in Q4 to ensure that you are ready to successfully begin building your 2022 channel sales plan.

CISOs and the Next Era of Security Visibility: Observability

Observability combines logs, metrics, and traces — three key aspects of understanding a complex system. CISOs should take note.

Channel Marketers Must Prioritize Customer And Partner Value in 2022

Forrester’s Channel Marketing: Planning Assumptions 2022 identifies five key trends driving the priorities of channel marketing leaders.