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How Customers Qualify Technology Partners

Customers are constantly qualifying sales people. David Brock explains why it’s critical to earn the right to continue being considered.

Do You (And Your Customer) Have a Real Deal?

Sales people and customers waste huge amounts of time and resources on deals that are not and may have never been “real.”

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Who is Our Ideal Target Buyer?

Beyond ICPs and personas, David Brock examines a number of other dimensions used when identifying customers that might have a need to buy.

How Customers (Continually) Qualify Their Service Providers

Qualifying is not an event that is ever entirely complete. It is an ongoing part of building a lasting relationship with the customer.

What’s Your Ideal Customer Profile?

Sales pros should be be developing Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to help focus engagement strategies on the customers they can best help.

How Important is Price When Selling?

Sales often obsesses over price and fails to look at all the other issues that are so much more important to the customer.

Are You Winning Enough?

Finding quality leads and maximizing our ability to win will improve our impact, effectiveness, and market share.

How Value and Value Creation Evolves

David Brock explains why it’s imperative that sales professionals continue to evolve their thinking about value and value creation.

How Would You Sell if You Couldn’t Discount?

Selling without discounts would require salespeople to focus on customer success and the value that is created with them.

10+ ‘Secrets’ to Technology Sales Success

The secret to sales is that there are no secrets to sales. David Brock explains that, to succeed, we just have to do the hard work.