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Ignorance Isn’t Bliss When it Comes to Cybercrime

Mailprotector’s Matt Scully explains emerging cybersecurity and malware risks that many businesses overlook. MSPs need to step up with protective measures.

Predicting Drive Failure Using Artificial Intelligence

Even newer solid-state drives (SSD) that use flash memory can suffer errors. Here’s how Acronis machine learning can mitigate hard drive data loss risks.

Security in the Age of Acquisitions: Top Six Recommendations

How Avanade’s information technology (IT) & security teams approach each acquisition & business integration.

Temporary Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Ban?

Representative Ocasio-Cortez & Senator Warren prepare legislation to temporarily ban large mergers & acquisitions (M&A). FTC Commissioner Noah Phillips pushes back.

ConnectWise Coronavirus Response, Part Two

ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee will donate 40% of his salary for six weeks to assist MSPs & technology solutions providers (TSPs) in small business IT services market.

SAP Ends Co-CEO Role; Christian Klein Leads Software Giant Forward

SAP Co-CEO change: Jennifer Morgan to exit cloud & business application software provider. Christian Klein to become solo CEO of SAP.

The Problem with HTTPS: What MSPs Need to Know

MSPs can implement effective web policies that protect users against web threats, whether encrypted through HTTPs or not. Webroot, an OpenText company, explains how.

Is It Okay to Announce Company News Right Now?

Stay safe. Stay home. But keep the wheels of innovation turning in the IT channel. Here’s how to properly position & share your latest business, technology & partner news.

What Is The New Normal? A Definition…

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, my “new normal” involves a seven-step checklist. And the clear conclusion: Together, we control our collective destiny.

Trump’s Coronavirus Battle Plan: Public-Private Partnership

To battle the coronavirus, President Trump unveils partnership with CVS, Target, Walgreens, WalMart & others. Five million COVID-19 test kits are on the way. Here’s the strategy.