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Can MSPs Optimize Customer and User Experiences (CX, UX)?

Most mature MSPs mastered PC & server monitoring. But what about proper application monitoring to bolster customer & user experience (CX & UX?)

Ericsson Layoffs May Hit 25,000 Employee Staff Cuts: Report

Ericsson layoffs may hit 25,000 staff cuts or 23% of telecom equipment company’s 109,000 employees, a report says. Can CEO Börje Ekholm deliver turnaround?

Dispatches From Mexico City: Staycation!

It’s that time of year in Mexico City. The rain is slowing, the weather is warming, and everyone is preparing to head back to school. Me? I’m blogging.

4 Common MSP Onboarding Pain Points (and How to Tackle Them)

Here are four major MSP onboarding pain points that managed services providers experience with customers. Plus: How to address them, according to Continuum.

Fired Google Employee James Damore Podcast Interview: In His Own Words

Fired Google Employee James Damore in this video podcast explains his views on diversity hiring & describes why he wrote a memo that caused a firestorm.

Why Cloud Native Demands a New Culture

Cloud-native app development is, on paper, your dream strategy. But you’ll need to nurture a new organizational culture to get there. Capgemini explains.

McAfee Layoffs 2017: Cybersecurity Staff Cuts Confirmed

McAfee confirms an undisclosed number of layoffs. The staff cuts come amid a renewed channel commitment & intensifying cybersecurity product competition.

The Greatest Disservice We Can Do To Our Customers

CEB data shows over 60% of pipeline deals end in no decision made. The terrible tragedy of all this is the customer hasn’t solved their problem.

Prashanth Chandrasekar of Rackspace

Rackspace Deepens Amazon AWS Cloud Migration Services

Managed cloud provider Rackspace introduces Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer migration services. Rackspace VP Prashanth Chandrasekar explains.

Dispatches From Mexico City: Building Brand Loyalty

The importance of trust is immeasurable for MSPs because you deal with clients’ data. It’s about personal trust — and brand trust. Ty Trumbull explains.