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5 Stages Business ScorecardWelcome to ChannelE2E — which tracks and assists your business journey from Entrepreneur to Exit (E2E). If you’re poking around our website — actually, call it a data-driven community platform — you’ll find plenty of content for VARs, MSPs, CSPs and Total Service Providers. But what should you read first and why? Here are five recommendations.

1. Who launched ChannelE2E and why?: Get some answers on our About Us/Our Services page — which describes our mission, founders and services for readers and sponsors. Plus, Co-founder Amy Katz shares her entrepreneurial journey here. And you can follow me on Twitter here: @JoePanettieri.

2. What inspired ChannelE2E’s launch and what market needs does it fulfill? Read “Welcome To Your Future” — which describes some of the market inflection points and gaps that sparked this site’s launch. Basically, we see a clear need to help IT service providers navigate every stage of their business.

3. What does “Entrepreneur to Exit” (E2E) mean? Check out the Five Stages of Your Business. There, we explain how we’ll track IT service providers — VARs, MSPs, CSPs and Total Service Providers — across the entire lifecycle of your business. And by the way it’s not a linear journey. One day, you could be focused on Stage 2 (Growth) of your business. The next, you may need to jump right to Stage 4 (Pivot) or Stage 5 (Exit) because of a dramatic market shift.

4. What makes ChannelE2E unique? You’ll find some details back on our About Us/Our Services page — including a teaser about our unique ChannelE2E Databases. Overall our theme goes something like this: We’ll bring you the best of our blog-driven insights. And we’ll also leverage data-driven, crowdsourced information to give you business insights. And of course, my opinions will spill onto our pages pretty darn regularly.

5. How can I work with the ChannelE2E team to engage your audience and community? Jump over to our Contact Us page.

Plus, you’re welcome to read absolutely everything on ChannelE2E. Some content requires registration. Your experience should be great whether you’re smartphone-, tablet- or desktop-centric.

If you run into any hiccups or have any questions, don’t forget that we actually share our team’s contact information.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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    Avi Kapur:


    Forgive me but I’m checking your comment system just to see if you’re as responsive as you claim.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Avi,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we’re pretty responsive around here. But please forgive us if the comments we post are a bit generic until we actually launch the site within the next few weeks… Stay tuned. And thanks again.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E

      Avi Kapur:

      Launch date?

        Joe Panettieri:

        Official launch date is Sept. 15.

          Avi Kapur:

          Looks like the launch went extremely well.

    Ted Roller:

    Great looking site – Amy and Joe are back!!!

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Ted: Belated congrats to you and Brian on GetChanneled‘s launch. For ChannelE2E, our site design focused on major goal: How to deliver a fast, intuitive user and sponsor experience regardless of screen size?

      So, we locked ourselves away and built an underlying foundation — a cloud system of sorts — called COSE (Content Operating System Engine). More details soon. In the meantime please poke around. Feedback welcome. Always.

    Amy Katz:

    Ted – Thank you! We are looking forward to moving the market forward again, and are watching Brian/your new launch GetChanneled as well. Have a great one…

    Bob Cagnazzi:

    Great site. Not only is it timely, but it is delivering critical information that folks in our industry can’t get anywhere else. Looks like a terrific resource.

      Amy Katz:

      Thank you Bob. We will stay busy covering the industry and getting to the stories that can’t be found elsewhere. Up and away… ABK

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Bob: I’ve always been amazed by your family’s ability to build businesses. And then your team’s ability to scale far beyond the original core organization. Stories like yours have certainly helped to shape our thinking for E2E’s mission. Thanks so much for taking some time to visit the site.

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