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Greetings and welcome to ChannelE2E. So why are we here? Why are you here? And what can we achieve together? Glad you asked. Come on in and let’s discuss the IT channel market — and where we’re all heading.

For starters, here’s a bit about our company (After Nines Inc.), co-founded by Amy Katz and me. We have worked together (on and off) since 1998. We’ve co-launched, built and sold IT media brands like The VAR Guy, MSPmentor and Talkin’ Cloud. We’ve tracked VARs, MSPs and CSPs in various forms for more than a decade.

5 Stages Business ScorecardWe exited our previous business in 2014, took considerable time off, then started to think about our career journey — in parallel to the IT service provider journey. At some point we realized: We’re all on a journey from Entrepreneur to Exit (E2E). As our logo suggests, the E2E journey is a continuous cycle. We’re all moving from one business stage to the next or one company to the next — balancing strategic and tactical priorities each day.

Armed with that premise we crafted ChannelE2E’s Mission:

“ChannelE2E tracks IT service providers and the five stages of your business journey — from Entrepreneur to Exit (E2E). We shift the IT channel conversation from tactical chatter to strategic discussions — focusing MSPs and VARs on business development, talent recruitment and management, financial models, marketing, sales and customer engagement. We pinpoint the industry’s top KPIs (key performance indicators) — positioning our community members to maximize their business performance, customer satisfaction and company valuation.”

But what’s the deeper context — the creative sparks that inspired us to launch ChannelE2E? Frankly, we spotted five market inflection points that ChannelE2E addresses. They include…

Icon NotesInflection Point 1: Where’s the Growth Plan?

Nearly 50 percent of business owners have no long-term growth strategy. Too often, IT service providers focus on tactical items — a major product upgrade, a hot new service, etc. — rather than strategic long-term planning.

At the same time, many technology vendors (hardware, software, cloud, etc.)  are struggling to grow beyond traditional SMB channel partners. Ever notice how many channel-friendly technology companies pursue IPOs but never quite go public? One of the key reasons: Those technology providers are struggling to find the next wave of channel partners to fuel their revenue pipelines.

Solution: ChannelE2E closely tracks and documents the five stages of a successful business — from both the partner side and the IT vendor side. Our coverage of each stage involves a healthy mix of tactical and strategic guidance. And by the way, we’ve spotted the next wave of IT channel partners — Total Service Providers for short.

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