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Blockchain And GDPR: Toxic Blend or Miracle Cure for Compliance?

Depending on who you listen to, the combination of GDPR and distributed ledger technology (DLT, AKA blockchain) is either a poisonous cocktail or a magic potion. Forrester explains.

BlockChain Expo Global 2019 Conference

BlockChain Expo 2019 conference information including event location, dates, hotels, registration costs, speakers, sponsors and more.

Blockchain Network Beta Test: Ready for Partners?

Atonomi – the blockchain-based arm of IoT security provider CENTRI Technology – has  been beta testing its Atonomi Network since about May. Will partners plug in?

AWS Blockchain Partners Portal: An Amazon About Face?

Amazon launches AWS Blockchain Partners Portal less than one month after CEO Andy Jassy downplayed near-term interest in the technology.

Predictions 2018: The Blockchain Revolution Will Have To Wait A Little Longer

There’s blockchain vendor hype. And then there’s the world of enterprise business & technology professionals actually working on blockchain projects.

Blockchain-based Authentication vs Password Security

Password-based security alternatives include biometrics and multi-factor authentication, and authentication systems built on blockchain, Capgemini explains.

Blockchain: The Glue That Binds the Internet of Things

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain could be the most promising technology for intra-device communication and data records.

IBM Launches Blockchain Partner Ecosystem

IBM launches Blockchain partner ecosystem for venture capitalists (VCs), start-ups, systems integrators, ISVs & enterprise developers. Plus…

BlockChain and IoT Aren’t Ready (But Prepare Now)

Here are three challenges that the IoT and blockchain ecosystem participants must address. Forrester Research explains.

Why Blockchain Can Change Everything

Of all the emerging technologies the ISACA currently is seeing, blockchain has the potential to have the biggest impact on businesses and society at large.