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Texas Cell Networks, Wireless, Cable System Outages: Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath, Flooding: A list of Texas counties & Houston areas that lost cellular/wireless, cable & wireline services, according to the FCC.

Hurricane Harvey Texas Power Outage Tracker Map: Updated Friday

Hurricane Harvey: There are 169,000 power outages/loss of electric service across Texas, down sharply from yesterday, according to Data Fusion Solutions.

Hurricane Harvey By the Numbers: Flooding, Business Impact, Power Outages, Live Updates

Hurricane Harvey Live Updates: Power outages & flooding figures impacting business, technology & infrastructure across Texas, Houston & New Orleans.

Hurricane Harvey: Fortune 500 Companies, Small Businesses Brace For Impact

Hurricane Harvey may flood Texas. Area businesses like Alert Logic, AT&T, Dell & Rackspace brace for impact. Datto mobilizes disaster recovery services.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma Aftermath: Datto Powers Up Local Partners

Hurricane Harvey & Irma Aftermath: Datto’s localized disaster recovery team in Houston can now wind down. But similar efforts in Florida remain in high gear.

Hurricane Dorian 2019: Disaster Recovery, Power Outage Update

Hurricane Dorian power outages across South Carolina & North Carolina force MSPs & IT service providers to activate business continuity & disaster recovery plans.

Hurricane Florence Power Outages: 976,000 In North and South Carolina So Far

Hurricane Florence knocks out power to 976,000 homes and businesses across North and South Carolina. Duke Energy predicts one million to three million could lose electric service. FEMA Leader William “Brock” Long says it could be weeks before power is fully restored.

Hurricane Florence: MSPs Ready for Massive Storm

Aware of Hurricane Florence’s projected storm path, MSPs across North and South Carolina activate business continuity plans. Executives from Servcom USA, CSP Inc. and The Network Essentials describe data protection preparations.

Hurricane Florence Storm Path Triggers Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Plans

Hurricane Florence 2018 triggers business continuity, backup and disaster recovery (BDR) tests in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and other potential storm path centers. MSPs & IT service providers help customers brace for impact.

Hurricane Irma Aftermath: Tech Data Restores Business Systems

Tech Data fully restores its IT and business systems after Hurricane Irma triggered major network & e-commerce outages at the Florida-based IT distributor.