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Huawei Unveils New Digital Managed Network Solution For Carriers

Huawei Technologies has unveiled its new Digital Managed Network Solution, which the company says will boost growth for carriers’ B2B Services.

Huawei: Banned and Permitted In Which Countries? List and FAQ

Credit: Huawei

Where is Huawei Technologies banned & permitted for 5G networking business & smartphones? Here’s a list of countries, companies, 5G wireless network projects & their Huawei business status.

Huawei x86 Server Business for Sale?

Credit: Huawei

Huawei seeks to sell x86 server business amid a blacklisting by the U.S. federal government & cloud competition, report suggests.

Huawei Pitches 5G Wireless Amid U.S. Government Pushback

Huawei sponsored content and research attempts to reframe the 5G wireless network project conversation amid U.S. government pushback against the China-based company.

Huawei Layoffs 2019: U.S. Job Cuts Hit Futurewei Staff

Huawei layoffs may impact U.S. employees at Futurewei Technologies, as battle between U.S. government & China technology technology company continues.

Sophos Halts Cybersecurity Sales, Patches to Huawei

Sophos halts sales to Huawei; tells channel partners to cease cybersecurity sales to the China-based technology company. U.S. vs. Huawei showdown escalates.

Chipmakers Halt Supplies to Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies faces supply chain, chip & software partner challenges amid new U.S. regulations against the China-based networking & smartphone giant.

Huawei, CFO Face U.S. Department of Justice Indictments

The U.S. Department of Justice unveils indictments against Huawei Technologies, alleging the Chinese networking & smartphone technology company violated U.S. sanctions and stole trade secrets, according to reports.

Huawei CFO Arrest Intensifies U.S.-China Trade War Tensions

The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou could pressure U.S.-China trade negotiations and financial markets, while also raising fresh questions about Huawei’s business dealings worldwide.

Big Tech Antitrust Investigations: Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta/Facebook and Microsoft Updates

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List: Big Tech antitrust investigations targeting Amazon ($AMZN), Alphabet’s Google ($GOOG), Apple ($AAPL), Microsoft ($MSFT) & Meta Platforms/Facebook ($META/$FB).