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Accenture Acquires African Creative Agency King James Group

Accenture’s latest acquisition is of King James Group, a creative agency from South Africa that offers integrated communications solutions.

92 Accenture Acquisitions Listed: Digital, Big Data Analytics, Cloud and Cybersecurity Buyouts

Accenture continues to acquire digital, cloud, cybersecurity & IT consulting companies. Here’s the latest M&A list of Accenture acquisitions.

Accenture Acquires Cloud Consulting Company Benext

Accenture acquires Benext of France. Accenture Cloud First gains cloud-based software development and data science expertise.

Accenture Acquires Healthcare Technology Consulting Firm Gevity

Accenture acquires Canadian healthcare technology consulting company Gevity; continues Canadian expansion across cloud & vertical markets.

Accenture Makes Strategic Investment in Pipeline to Close Gender Gap

Accenture has made a strategic investment in Pipeline, a Denver-based startup that uses AI to close the gender equity gap.

Accenture Acquires Supply Chain Consulting Firm Blue Horseshoe

Accenture acquires Blue Horseshoe, a Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform & Oracle NetSuite partner and supply chain consulting firm.

Top 3 Cyber Intrusion Trends: Accenture Research

Accenture’s mid-year CIFR report shows cyber intrusion activity and malware continue to pose threats to companies worldwide.

Accenture Acquires Strategic IT Consulting Firm LEXTA

Accenture has acquired LEXTA, which provides benchmarking and advisory services for cloud, platform and application technologies.

Accenture Acquires E-Commerce Company Openmind

Accenture Interactive, armed with Openmind, gains consulting expertise for commerce, content, strategy, experience design & technology.

Accenture Acquires HRC Retail Advisory Consulting Firm

Accenture is acquiring HRC Retail Advisory to “improve profitability in the rapidly evolving retail environment.”